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Is insane thinking about improve doing more of the same Einstein very soon the Venezuelan national universities will elect new authorities, which must be innovative, with another vision with which is has managed to universities for years, leaving large voids in their real participation in economic, political, social life that is needed to generate changes requiring both the country and get out of a turbulent scenariounsafe, risky, as you currently manifests. Cannot the universities continue with the same style of leadership, many of them managed by power groups, authorities that have been ingrained for years avoiding that new leaders, showing other schemes, new authorities updated, committed, renovators, true agents of change, guaranteed of a leadership that will enable froze its plans, programs, actions favour not only the achievement of academic excellence, research, but the training, training of professionals who provide to the nation, his knowledge, proposals to benefit its development in all disciplines, their professionals capable of dealing with today’s challenges, especially a new Government that has been called revolutionary and has given way to a socialist ideology to which the Venezuelan wasn’t used. It is time to give way to new educational, learning, authorities, teaching styles with academic vision, social commitment, that present innovative models, proposals that favour the development of all the disciplines that the University used in the training of its professionals. Can not universities in the 21st century and face the great challenges of the present, anchored with the same groups of power, must give way to a new University culture, a generation capable of dealing with the changes, the challenges and above all, know the opportunities in order to rescue the shadow universities has been where they have been by years. Today, more than ever, before the radical changes that are raising in the country, product of the actions of Government, universities cannot remain passive, requires greater participation in economic, political, cultural and educational life, constantly expressing their views, their points of view, all those proposals that favor to the country, as well as its social responsibility, their role to play.

Foundation University

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Should authorities carry out a diagnosis on their educational operating behaviour, about their responsibilities, functions to perform, review their structures and administrative systems of performance, the proper utilization of their capital and human talent, the definition of the profiles of the different professionals forming according to what the present demands. Stop to check how was his operation, where have been its weaknesses, how they have leveraged their strengths opportunities, faced with threats and what has been the positive result have been handled properly. The University authorities have to break the umbilical cord of the commitment with the power groups, political patronage, the brotherhoods, friendship, with everything that has deteriorated in pro of its achievement of academic excellence, should be given passage to a new educational, more proactive, leadership with new contributions that will encourage more use of commitment to research Pro provide solutions to the various problems faced by the country in all sectors. . You can not pass by unnoticed when discussed, with the help of education, man must learn to be, to live, to know and do in a world that transcends the information society to become the knowledge society.

Precisely, this is the great challenge of educational change, that won’t be possible if it does not start down, of every school, every teacher, every student. It is not the Organization, important as it is, where you live the identity, but in the academic community, which is who ensures that the institution is alive. The community is known, is that embodies the identity, not the functional documents, projects, or structures. We should not for example, strange statements of the Fundacion Universitaria CEIPA of Medellin, Colombia, when he says, that the possibilities of development of peoples depend on, the educational level of its people. Now that education ceases to be a strictly school matter to become a field of social intervention, however, assumes a pedagogical renewal, unparalleled in history, which should make it capable of backbone properly and simultaneous development of personal possibilities and social attitudes, hence, that should not surprise us, who insist on remembering, which is impossible to educate without forward a few purposes: educates for something.