The Educator Hospital

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The purpose of child hospitalization care, is none other than the educate for life, which corresponds to the educator and role that undoubtedly goes beyond the specific work of the health workforce. The pedagogical activity as a complement to medical action in hospitals has taken nature letter for years in different European and American countries. He is known that in past decades many hospitals Pediatrics services were closed even to parents and there was no place for the education of children in this environment so rigid. Hospital pedagogy constitutes a special mode of understanding the pedagogy. It is oriented and configured by the indisputable fact of the disease and framed by the concrete area that constitutes the hospital institution where carried out. Offered as a revitalised pedagogy of life and for life, which constitutes a constant experiential communication between the life of the learner and the educator life, and take advantage of any situation, by painful as it may seem, to enrich afflicted by it who, turning their suffering into learning (Lizasoain, 2000). In this same line, the Valley and Villanezo (1993) clarified that hospital pedagogy is not a closed but multidisciplinary science that is still defining its object of study to respond to situations which, in the conjunction of the health and education fields, society is demanding, making equally necessary care programs the convalescent child, i.e.conceiving the convalescence at home as an extension of the period of hospitalisation.

The hospitable educator must possess a series of personal and professional characteristics that facilitate its work and facilitating the full development in this particular medium: personal characteristics: maturity and personal balance to live and deal with certain experiences of the hospital environment. -Openness, flexibility, sensitivity and communication skills that facilitate positive personal relationships. -Be capable of understand and solve any emotional situation of the child against the sense of pain, disease and death.

Education and Humanity

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This work is based on three books of Ramon Gallegos: the education of the heart, communities of learning and education than the need humanity, also presents educational model multinivel-multidimension. Through them we can gain knowledge of what are the most fundamental guidelines to achieve better levels of consciousness based on a holistic learning, which is presented in this new educational paradigm. Points out Furthermore the process of evolution of consciousness and the corresponding educational paradigms, likewise describes the end of the dominance of the movement of educational quality that has made education a failure. It also presents a model of holistic educational evaluation. In addition, underlines the great importance of financial education in a spiritual context, everything in order to achieve an education holistic whose practice of auto spiritual realization, cultivate happiness, equanimity, compassion and love.

The education of the heart. In this book Dr. Ramon Gallegos Nava us It presents twelve educational principles fundamental to holistas of 21st century schools, which can be used at all levels where it is through the practical spiritual integral. so we return to a culture of universal brotherhood. It tells us that learner permits learning comprehensive and thus the evolution of consciousness. To do this you must start by transforming education institutions into learning communities.

Holistic learning community is inclusive and applies both to educating students, as well as who is learning about his life, about yourself the educator. In the learning community are all students, it is a continuous process where learning is live and live is to learn as they educate for life and for the life. Integrated curriculum and people. Also that sustainable society is one that is compatible with the learning community holistic, forming human beings in balance with environmental awareness and compassionate attitude, that fight to improve the conditions of life in the future of the planet, developing siem0re the global awareness and global citizenship.

Infantile Education

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We can find a last plan interior: the motivation of the thought, the motivacional sphere of our conscience, that encloses our inclinations and necessities, our interests and impulses, our affection and emotions. Everything this goes to reflect immensely in ours speaks and our thought. (Vygotsky 1998) Outros interesting aspects of the theory we are displayed the pleasant and ackward reactions in relation to the environment, therefore we do not need lamenting in them or to compromise our auto-they esteem for an eventual lack of adequacy, because it is of the nature of human being to oscillate between antagonistic emotions. We must not only understand environment in terms physical, but mainly psychological, when the affinity starts to be a significant element of attraction or repulsion between groups that interact between itself, as Vygotsky explains: ' ' All emotion is a call to the action or the rejection of the action. No feeling can remain indifferent and unfruitful in the behavior. ' ' The emotions are, necessarily, the internal organizador of our reactions, that places in tension, excites, stimulates or brakes all the reactions.

Therefore, the emotion conserves the paper of internal organizador of our behavior. ' ' When we make something with joy, the emotional reactions of joy mean that, from that moment, we will try to make the same. When we make something with repulsion, this means that we will tend, by all means possible, to interrupt this tarefa' '. (VYGOTSKY, 2003, P. 117? 119) Therefore it is paper of Education, especially the Infantile Education, to propitiate an environment where the child can develop itself and to learn in pleasant way and that is stimulated all the aspects of its development (motor, physical, social, affective, moral and cognitivo) and some studies proves that this if of mainly by means of the playful one. this also must be given in the education of Dana therefore in the life of the child, currently, the dance only left of being an artistic formation, and, started to be part of its development as human being I obtain same, with the other and its half one.

Calligraphy Is Kunz(St)

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The calligraphy is today – again – in when you be reminded only of old times in calligraphy, is only half the truth, because calligraphy or better: calligraphy is still an art that only a few dominate, but is more common than you think. The Aachen-based graduate designer Charlotte Kunz is one of these few exercised their unique arts and crafts with heart and soul. Calligraphy is the distinctive and individual note all lettering,”reported the calligrapher Kunz. I design with modern manuscripts, painting with own pictures not only on all possible documents, but also on different materials such as Papyrus, wood, stone, canvas, or fabric. There are endless possibilities! “You can convinced on the completely revised Web site of active since 1989 Aachen calligrapher. The new, simple navigation guides the viewer through many categories, where you can find an overview of the large, expressive range.

Patterns are logos and business cards as well as saying maps and concert posters, bracelets, book cover and flyer designs. And that’s not all,”says Ms. Kunz, for which their profession also their appeal is also grab-and garden stones to make it. As memory albums from holidays, anniversaries or remembrance of deceased. Very popular are also exclusive wedding gifts with beautiful sayings.” Its clients include not only naturopaths and doctors who want to give a special touch their flyers and letter sheets, hotels and restaurants, musicians, choirs and craftsmen use the well recognizable calligraphy practice signs, advertising, and wall decorations.

Individualists prefer my work”, says the 54 Designer. Calligraphy is unconventional and alive as varied as human beings.” Therefore, she designs individual gifts and souvenirs on lamps, tiles, wood, stone and balls. More information and many pictures on Charlotte Kunz, Diploma Designer, artist, writing teacher. Training to the calligrapher, various exhibitions, Director of courses for the calligraphy and design. V.i.S.d.P Kunz art, Charlotte Kunz Kirchrather str. 8, 52074 Aachen phone: 0241-85182 KunzKunst for the text: Gudrun Anders spirit & marketing – consultancy for holistic entrepreneurs Gudrun Anders, Ferber mountain 11, 52070 Aachen phone: 0241-70 14 721, website: book store: shop/author/Gudrun different/4172 Facebook: XING: profiles/Gudrun_Anders2 Twitter: day different blog for authors:

Internet Design

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Profession of interior designer has lately become quite popular, if not fashionable. Large number of orders, good payment for services designer, proximity to the creativity which makes it creative profession attractive. Let us Let us examine in more detail, what it represents this profession. The Federal Law on design activities in the Russian Federation, accurately described this notion. Designer – artist-designer, the designer who owns knowledge of all components of design, has developed aesthetic taste and relevant skills. In its project design work, he creates unique product design, provides the coordination characteristics of the person and object design in order to ensure the highest functionality, performance and aesthetic and emotional effect. Professional and qualified designer should have a good special architectural and artistic education, to draw well, possess the specialized computer programs, well-versed in building materials and able to apply them in practice, and most importantly – be able to translate their ideas into reality.

Unfortunately, in recent years, more and more untrained designers without special training. After graduating month course design, and sometimes even without any formation of these so-called "designers" try to carry out some projects of interior design, allowing a huge number of mistakes and committing, at times, it is not permissible actions. And all because to become a designer alone is difficult. There are several very serious limitations for those people who want to become an interior designer in the home. Feather – the limited information available. In the Internet and in bookstores virtually no information to the designer.

Karol Black All-stars (PL)

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support: an.albiores (Wittenberg and Leipzig) Karol Schwarz and his all-stars are not band you are a materialised trip. The music of their now eight albums is not samples, but unprepared, improvised sessions. And what emerges is no music, but sound become meditation. This bundle of sound, image and movement hovers somewhere in the gray zone between the bloody serious and sense spinning co and is consequently hard to put into words. “” Also if terms like psychedelic “or hallucinogen” are good signs.

In the introductory film Abrar WTF?”tries to describe the concept behind Abrar. The musicians themselves and people from their artistic environment pursue the question, what makes the music so peculiar that critics that despair, why and she still finds their followers. On April 16 the Leipziger yourself can see what comes out, if located north-Polish artists from a wide variety of projects (Prawatt, Szelest Spadaj? cych Papierkow, goods) Zast? pcze, Szybkie Babalola, etc.) “do together and the label noise Polo” PIN. The artist group PGR ART completes this task with its impressive visuals. The Group has existed since 2002 and captured the reality with video, performance and painting. In the years 2002-2007, she oversaw the artist colony in the Gdansk shipyard and is dedicated to arts education today. “Start: 21: 00 inlet: from 20: 00 admission: 5 / EUR 3 venue: art space D21, Demme Ringstrasse 21 04177 Leipzig a cooperation with the Polish Institute in Leipzig occupation: Szymon Albrzykowski (generators, bass), Borys Kossakowski (guitar, keys, bass), Karol Schwarz (guitar, bass, vocals), Jacek cents” Tomczak (guitar, vocals), Wojciech Dowgia?o (vocals) Info:, karolschwarzallstars, ansuz_af_albiores


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– To always put the others before to itself. – To consider itself first to itself, but also to take into account to the others (the most adapted). The aggression could be said that it is a way to express themselves or to conduct themselves by means by means of being able, through what the person dominates itself or damages the other. The submission is constituted in form opposed to the aggression, where the person is damaged or put under the will from the other. On the other hand, the assertive person does not damage nor prevails, in her conduct is observed respect the rights of the own ones.

The investigations are many that have been carried out to study the assertiveness and the techniques to develop, thus for example, in the school Psychology of the Faculty of Humanities and Education of the central University of Venezuela, have been realised several studies within area, between which we can mention: – Brito J. it determined the effect of the execution of a factory of communication in the increase of abilities stops to communicate with other people, to establish interpersonal relations, to liderizar and to make decisions in a group and it concluded that this factory of communication applied to highly effective experimental group since abilities were increased to communicate with other people, to establish interpersonal relations, leadership and form of decisions in group. – Cartaya U., (2006), realised the effect of an assertive program in a group of educational based on techniques of communication (feedback) and cohesion. The program threw changes in conducts in the participants in relation to its communication since, was increased the ability to offer and to receive feedback, to use the present time in the interventions (here and now) and to use customized expressions I – your, taking responsibility thus reason why it is said and it becomes.