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" Because the international legal specialization is costly to the university, then the cost of training programs will be high. The following table data is arranged in ascending order value. College Cost per year of training in rubles Bachelor Master Specialist European University Law Justo 55000 Institute of International Trade and Law (SCPI) 73550 Moscow Financial Law Academy (MFYUA) 89,600 Russian New University (RosNOU) 94500 Academic Law University, 102000 Moscow International University 130 920 130 920 National Academy of foreign trade (ETTA) 150 400 Russian State Humanitarian University (RGGU) 156 800 Russian Peoples' Friendship University (People's Friendship University) 195 000 195 000 111 000 State University – Higher School of Economics (HSE) 220980 Moscow State Institute of International Relations (University) mgimo 231 000 165 000 Profession international lawyer – one of the the most elite in the law. The reason, as mentioned above – in a large volume of knowledge that is given to students, as well as in a wide range of graduates. International lawyer must possess not only knowledge Russian legislation, but also of international law and foreign countries. A leading source for info: film director. Moreover, such a specialist is always in his work is forced to use foreign language skills. Quite expensive and very training at an international lawyer in the international legal expertise, but it is justified by the fact that universities are big expenses for training at that level.

Namely, it is a special curriculum in which important place special subjects, as well as a large number of hours of foreign language, in some cases – two. This differs fundamentally an educational program specializing in international legal " from the programs of other specializations in jurisprudence, and therefore, in our opinion, it is necessary to allocate this specialization in a single specialty. In this case, there would be such discrepancies between what requires state standards and to know what are the requirements for graduates of the employer. In the meantime, one of our main tips for applicants – carefully review the curricula of universities. On this depends not only that you will learn and how much, but where you work and what, ultimately, has devoted his professional life.

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