All People Missing One – Love And Happiness

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Even those who hold the top positions in various tops and pop charts, even those who were in the Encyclopedia of Who is Who. This shortage of people trying to recoup money, or greatness, but greatness and give money only to sex and relative freedom, love and happiness are still missing. The most interesting thing for millennia history of mankind has not found a recipe for happiness. The most interesting, happy people are still there (well, again, for a while …) and recipe of happiness – there is no happiness in life, either. So it turns out that happiness is only a secret to be found. Although some decisions still appear, let us briefly enumerate.

positive attitude. Really wonderful thing, is changing the world around us, the better. Becomes more interesting to live, there are different desires … you will find in its surroundings a lot of people, but alas, no love and no joy. Futile … Treat others as you would want done unto you. The ancient biblical wisdom. Yes, it is easier to live …

The problem is that love and happiness are not things the earth – they come out of nowhere, go nowhere – and a man is not one to either love or happiness. Earth, of course, is round, but … futile, even Jesus did not help. Forgiveness. Really makes life easier, really. For a short time and then begins imbalance, discomfort, you all forgive, and you – no. Quickly leads to sadness, mental petrification, and sometimes to bitterness.

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