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The definition of the public is on the three basic characteristics, that are the plasticity, the permanent update and the mobility of the center. In the workmanship, the author details each one of these characteristics and to the reader the panorama of the activity of public definition, with the difficulties and the chances. The model of mapping and segmentation of projects mobilizadores made possible the vision of the public in three dimensions: the benefited ones, the legislators and the generators, that are explained by the author, also through a three-dimensional map of the public. The main information that if &#039 absorbs from the reading of the two first chapters of the book; ' Communication and Strategies of Social&#039 Mobilization; ' they are of that the communication if became a preponderant factor in the construction of the image of the social movement and in the captation of individuals that they desire to be part of this fight. Expos author in detailed way each characteristic pointed for it and other authors. Beyond sharpening the feeling of that he fits we, professionals of Public Relations, to lead in cultural consideration, factors, social politicians and of the public-target when elaborating a plan of communication for the mobilizador end. Beyond awaking the interest for the social cause.

Mrcio Simeone Enriques currently is Professor in the Federal University of Minas Gerais, in the sector of Communication. It is graduated Comunicao Social (UFMG), possesss Mestrado in Educao (UFRJ) and Doutorado in Comunicao Social (UFMG). It acts in the area of Public Relations between organizations and communities, public communication and strategies of communication for social mobilization. Already edition of diverse articles and books participated of the organization/publication/as ' ' Vises of future: shared responsibility and dialogues with comunidade' ' (2005) and ' ' Communication and Strategies of Social&#039 Mobilization; ' (2002). It is treated, then, of an author with high luggage in the area of Communication and, especially, Communication directed toward Social mobility. This workmanship is indicated the professionals, not only of the Public Relations, but of the Communication in general, that they want to insert in 3 sector, to the students of the area and the responsible ones for the coordination of the social movements, in general.

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