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This one is the best way to have all the possibilities of obtaining a scholarship at the time college student. Because the scholarships are after all a recognition to a previous trajectory, and the potentiality of an excellent professional race. For that reason they grant those students who from children come aiming high. It is a way to indirectly benefit the possibilities from development of all the society, when awarding to the privileged minds and offering all the possible facilities to them. If we are one of these privileged people, to what type of aid we can choose? We have scholarships from access to the university, to surpass the first cycle, and later collaboration scholarships, that already are for students who begin the second cycle of university studies. In all of them the academic certification with a determined average note is requested like basic documentation, as well as not to surpass certain level of rent. It is important to observe the general information and the requirements of forced fulfillment. The university scholarships can be granted to study inside or outside the Independent Community where it is resided.

Based on the particularitities of the scholar, it will grant a quantity to him, that can include the residence, the didactic material, displacements, etc. This way the address and the university enclosure, and everything consider from factors of distance between what the lodging in these cases can cost. Also the expenses of matriculation and books are considered, as well as the didactic material that the scholarship holder needs to attend the studies, can even be included the grant of expenses that the accomplishment of the project of course aim generates. Really, the total quantity studies in each particular case.

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