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The first day of autumn, the most famous day of school. The first of September excites children and adults is puzzling. Pupils, students, teachers, congratulate, entertain and give gifts. And if you do not work in educational system, most likely, none of the adults congratulate you will not. But in vain! It is no accident September 1 called the Day of Knowledge. (Similarly see: Richard Linklater). This is the official name of the holiday and this holiday – International. Year after year, more than a dozen years you receive, memorize, assimilate knowledge. And suddenly, the Day of Knowledge comes understanding: "I only know that I know nothing!" And, oddly enough, many of your friends and acquaintances think the same.

An excellent opportunity to congratulate each other! In Day of Knowledge, it is appropriate to give the "smart thing". This is a complicated contraption, like an electronic dictionary, scientific calculator or a smartphone. Or favors the simple, but forcing the brain works. For example, a detergent concentrate substance or additive to motor oil:) Try to dilute the required amount in the correct proportions! Certainly one of the smartest gifts is a book. Will fit almost any book. Most importantly, properly apply and respectively congratulations.

Here, for example, a collection of poems, "Love poetry of Russian poets." And the greeting speech: "Day of Knowledge – a good time to understand the world of bright emotions. Give you the harmony of feelings and words, music Love – lyric poetry. Learn to understand love, as they understood it in previous centuries.

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