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It had its on development to the railroad (inaugurated in 1883), on account of this had the first Cooperative of Consumption of the Employees of the Railway Means of transportation of the Rio Grande Do Sul (1913), very prosperous at its time, that took care of to import articles of consumption for its associates, the health of the same ones keeping ambulatory equipped doctors, pharmacies and also schools for the children of the workers of the railroad, as well as the foundation of a hospital, the Nursing home and the first habitacional nucleus of Latin America – the Belgian Village? projected for Belgian engineer Gustave Wauthier, a set of the geminadas for the housing of employees of the Belgian Company, construction constructed houses of the railroad, in the period the 1903 enter 1901, today considered historic site and cultural of the city (municipal law n2983/88, of 06 of January of 1988). For being strategical point it possesss as the bigger military polar region of the country implanted here (since 1831 with the creation of the Body of Artillery – Mallet Regiment), today with quartis of all the weapons less the Navy, therefore we are far from the sea. It had the first Federal University implanted in the interior of a Brazilian state in the molds of the North American campuses, in 1960, the known Federal University of Saint Maria? UFSM, being that superior education already was implanted since the foundation of the Pharmacy College in 1942, of the Facultieses of Medicine, Sciences Economic Politics and, Philosophy and the Superior School of Nursing in 1954; today has many other particular universities represented here, demonstrating to a city with vocation for the education, possessing the heading of University City. The economy is sidewalk in the rendering of services, therefore, we form man power that every year leaves in search of spaces to work and if it even places in other cities and in other states of Brazil. The city takes care of more than of a net of 80 schools between the ones of complete Basic Education, of the modality of Young Education of Adult, the Schools of Infantile Education and a School Industrial Technique, this last o city absorbed the structure of the school that already it existed and that she was on to the railroad and it invested resources for the formation of young apprenticees with formation in metallurgy. This historical briefing it was presented to evidence the including complexity of the partner-cultural and economic formation of our population and of the great occured transformations in our schools, throughout the time. Magist

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