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It’s interesting how the Tecnologico de Monterrey, Mexico, knows how to use their opportunities and above all, plan with assertiveness its growth, operability, in such a way that constantly increases its potentiality of vision, not only penetration at the regional level, national but internationally, consolidating in this way that their goals are reached, achieve, guaranteeing him an image of strength, security in all its programmesas also consistency in which training, training of its graduates are quality and where, they are responsible for let know, apply the knowledge acquired to benefiting all. Nohay forget, as reminds us, which during its first fifteen years of life, from 1943 until the year 1958, the Tecnologico de Monterrey had been directed by three people: eng. Leon avalos, Lic. Roberto Guajardo Suarez and Mr. Victor Bravo Ahuja.

At the beginning of 1960, the Council of education and research Top extended the appointment of rector to Mr. Fernando Garcia Roel, after a year in which the post had been vacant. The vision of Mr. Garcia Roel, who held the post of rector for 25 years, the initial stage of the expansion of the technology of Monterrey.En was due September 1960, the Institute met 17 years of having been founded. I was then 3 thousand 952 students concentrated in the area of Monterrey between professional, high school and summer school, and had granted thousand 199 professional titles.

When Mr. Garcia Roel left office, the school population was 30 thousand 254 pupils, and the Monterrey Campus had graduated 21,794 professionals and extended 3,197 academic degrees. The work of the technology was carried out, in addition to Monterrey, in 23 foreign units.Since he took the reins of the Tecnologico de Monterrey, Eng. Garcia Roel noted the need for the institution to grow. He saw clearly that the technological culture of Monterrey could extend beyond the city that had arisen.

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