Novaya Zemlya Shelf

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Ivanov P., Shevchenko, VP, KALENICH AP, Ivanov AG Sevmorgeo, Russia, Institute of Oceanology. More info: film director. Shirshov, RAS, Russia SanktLeterburgsky State University, Russia zone of mixing of fresh and salty river of sea water has long been attracted the attention of geologists, recently, with the beginning of large-scale geo-ecological studies on the modern shelf, this problem has taken on new significance as a major barrier for chemical physics entry of pollutants into the marine ecosystem. For the Western Arctic shelf, which has such an important feeding the province as the Novaya Zemlya archipelago, with its large river arteries, the problem becomes one of important. In theory, the barrier zone ekogeohimicheskaya, in the form of marginal filter (CMF), the most fully developed by A, P, Lisitsyn (Lisitsyn, 1994; Lisitzin, 1999). CMF occurs at zones of mixing of fresh and marine waters, in estuaries rivers. It has a size of hundreds of meters to hundreds of kilometers of rivers and large determined by the physico-geographical conditions and climatic zones.

Studies carried out on the shelf in prinovozemelskom 1992-2005, respectively, found here a number of original features CMF (Smith et al, 2004, 2005, Ivanov et al., 2004). The most detailed work was carried out in the bay area Nameless, which empties into the river of the same name. The most important feature of the shelf prinovozemelskogo is the presence of tidal currents tidal change in sea level ranging from 70 to 100 cm In addition, intense neotectonic movements have contributed to the formation of a large number of well cut into the land of bays and shallow lagoons.

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