Nebrija University

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But we overcome us concerns and cover it with Earth, tapping a few concluding, as mood, but not to the Earth, but to ourselves. The opinions of others about our plant can serve us encourage us, if discover us new ideas, whether that opinion is an expert in Botany, but progress has to arise from within, from the depths, without being stretched, or accelerated by nothing. And it is irrigated. Water is the food of plants and trees. Our seed is work, the effort, the mood, and the desire that comes to bear fruit someday. Feeds and is expected.

Work and patience. Water and will. To read more click here: Campbell Soup Co. But patience appears to be old-fashioned and plentiful anxiety that does not wait, and the anguish of not having even being searched, patience has more power that the force. Sometimes they will come frozen, and may our project freezes, or even dies; and if we do not protect our plant, maybe someone trample it, or start it and will have to start the process again: planting the seed (or a new one) if along the way we have changed, digging the Earth, insert it and feed it. On what is in our hand, we must not waver, because time has no value in waiting, because despite everything, after one year, comes another, after the winter flowers come and, after them, get that summer in which our fruit will be ripe, but only for those who have patience and know how to wait, for those who live as if eternity should be extended to them. * Reiner Maria Rilke: letters to a young poet. Natalia Gomez del Pozuelo worked more than 15 years in high positions in multinational companies. Today is dedicated to writing, activity that combines with the consulting and teaching.

She is a lecturer in the MBA from ICADE, in the Antonio de Nebrija University and teaches courses in-company. He has participated as a speaker in many conferences, radio and television programmes. In addition to numerous articles of opinion, has published the following books: surround yourself with people better than you (Ed. Umanis, 2009) and good father, best boss (company active, 2010). Original author and source of the article

University Professor

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Juan Maria Parent tells us about the University Professor, that to be a university teacher is required to have a sufficiently wide human experience to pass students the virtues of tradition. A university teacher, therefore, is one elderly person. Do not confuse this approach with an aging of teachers. In any way. This idea implies that to become master University is required to go through a process of learning is not only the study of any science or endoscopic techniques, but learn to live (ethics and aesthetics). We also affirm that not by old it is more ethical; who does not blame lance the first stone, reports the sacred text, and removed, starting with the oldest.

Parent adds us, the college career should go revealing little by little the qualities of those who are the authentic carriers of the academic tradition made of wisdom and science. Those who respond to these domestic demands are only those who will guide the institution, real teachers. Definitely, universities should select their teachers according to their academism, their training, experience, personality, commitment and ensure its student population, that will have a guide, facilitator capable of developing new paradigms if required, generate new ideas, properly use the human capital of the students, their potential, commit them to be linked with social problems that demand knowledge that they can provide. Kindle Direct Publishing has much experience in this field. It is required in the present of teachers college are fully identified with the research, integrated to the needs of your environment, consider what Antonio Pulido points us, generally a quality teaching can only be done if there is a research activity from the teacher that keep you abreast of the progress of knowledge in their field. In addition the University with their teachers, must attend three basic objectives which are very careless namely: transmission of culture, socialization of students (values, habits, capacities) and commitment to society.


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In an interview with the Skin, for example, it will be that it had infancy friend that did not play nothing, was same leg-wood? It had some that it considered until better that it? Some gave up to play soccer for knowing of its limits and that they would never play with that magic? Tips for who go to illustrate the interview the interviewer must be intent what it says the interviewed one for education not only respect, but also because it can relieve good illustration for the work, a photo or images. If the face to cite that it played with Skin or it sang with the Robert and it will have registered in old photo we cannot forget to ask, exactly will be later in ' ' off' ' , if it has some register. Recently, in a long interview of the Dr. Drauzio Varella, for example, he said to have the sliding habit in the city where he will be and when he is in So Paulo goes to the sundays to the Minhoco viaduct, that is closed to the transit, to run. By the same author: KDP. I believe that this age one of the photos that would have to illustrate the text, even so the substance richly was illustrated with the doctor working in the Amaznia, in the Carandiru, etc. Tips for who goes to hear, to see or to read the interview Hears, it sees or it reads with the maximum of possible attention, therefore that is important in the hour that you go to comment that subject with other people, therefore always has risk of if deturpar the subject, the person to verify in other sources and to cause some constaint. It also creates the habit to think what it would ask for that one interviewed and it was not asked and from now on, condition will be had, enters in contact, for email it is more easy, and it speaks of its doubts. .

Familiar Education

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Each time more we see that our young, has in its education, consequences of the familiar education without brakes and limits, in which the parents do not have more authority nor obtain impediz them to commit atrocities and other inconsequential attitudes that it takes them an uncertain and disastrous future. Our young, without perspective is played in the public schools, with education of unbalanced content, and a disfarado resume of social objectives, that try to supply the lack of familiar and religious education, since the church also does not obtain to brake these in its hormonais ecstasies. If you would like to know more about KDP, then click here. We witness in the daily one of the public, young schools that nor they know why they are there. If we ask what they intend to them to after make the conclusion of Average Ensino, them do not know. If we ask to them why they do not form a Estudantil Bosom, to argue ideas, to organize pertaining to school events and to become the school most pleasant, them they say to find in the pedagogical team of the school, difficulties to establish the Bosom, since the school at least fears to give freedom to them for such. In the school, our pupils are restricted to arrive in the determined hour, to merendar and to make tasks daily pay-stipulated for professors and pedagogos. When they question they become inopportune, they are obliged to keep silent and to retrocede in any initiative. The parties are organized by the school, and them they are invited to appear.

Everything in the school is terceirizado and impersonal. Each more distant time of the autonomy and the freedom. They are not stimulated to take initiative, therefore some educators fear to give to freedom and them not to know to them to use. Thus it has been the series of projects implanted for the government in last the ten years.

The Second

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The indicators in this case was just not. alumni, no. graduates, no. social service providers, no. of preventive maintenance, no. corrective maintenance, no. teacher training courses, no. of hours trained, etc.., all focused on numbers, but then who ensures that these courses have been selected and performed to a significant learning or graduate students who now have full development to be, etc.., from this context may never know, because this object-oriented.

Ultimately quality is bureaucratized all administrative processes, establishing standardized methodology to carry them out. Document everything achieved since its parameters is essential to show that if there is quality in the school. Furthermore this integrity, which is to bring to schools all factors features mentioned and described above are typical of holistic education, so I can say that is oriented to be based on qualitative aspects. It is located on the left side of the cosmos. As part of the subjective and inter-subjective being your test of courage, truthfulness, sincerity, integrity, honesty in the first case being in the infield single and righteousness, cultural adjustment, mutual understanding, justice in the case of the second within the infield group. When you have completed the process of differentiation and continue with integration, resulting in holistic education. In which the teacher plays a central role to be performed above explains everything. There is a code of ethics for holistic educators to meet each of you in the set, the significant comprehensive education will be present at the same time. This code of ethics, is summarized in fifteen principles that Dr.

Brazilian Philosophy

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Not they stop nor to analyze if really that is good or not. How to say in pensantes minds ahead of an accepted youth that the lack of escrpulos of the politicians? To be more explicit I have that to cite the military period. During the terrible and massacrantes times of military dictatorship he was seen artists constantly, militant politicians and in general, to be deceased, tortured or having that to be exiled. Although all this risk, still thus we saw the people, and, over all the young, to go the streets and to fight for its rights. Now, in full century XI, and without all this pressure and fear, and even with certain freedom, where we would have to be the streets and not to accept everything that impose in them, we are been silent and other people’s to everything.

Will be this a consequence of the many years where the philosophy was extinguished of our pertaining to school life? Or it will be also a consequence of this false democracy where we live? When I say false democracy, I say false because nor all it has the same chances. not to run away from the subject, I can say that nor all it has the chance to study the pure philosophy, that one that wakes up in them for the world and it makes in them to reflect. The Brazilian elite, in turn, always had this privilege, that for the moment is placed in the Brazilian basic education simply for a mere obligation and not with the same intention where it is placed for the supplied individuals more. To finish I have that to say, she is not only enough to study philosophy, or to only place it as part of the basic resume. The philosophy is much more what this, it needs to have a liberating and explicit function. It needs to serve pair that the man pass to think and to reflect. Now, she is enough we professors, as much of philosophy, how much of geography, history or any that are to face the philosophy as important and basic for the process of intellectual growth and of emancipation of the man.

Parnaba Professor

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Freire in I capitulate three says to believe that one of the essential qualities that the democratic teaching authority must disclose in its relations with the freedoms of the pupils is the security in same itself, inside of this thought the author to it deals with principles as security, ability and generosity as indispensable attributes to one ' ' true educador' ' that it is worried in is prepared to repass the knowledge with security and authority as both complete themselves, but without never losing the generosity it stops with its educandos, it remembers more to the front of the necessity of the comprometimento, that is, it must have an approach each bigger time between saying and making, between what it is looked like to be and what is really for it another one to know that not to be able itself to place in doubts at any moment is of that, as experience specifically human being, the education is a form of intervention in the world, deals with the question of the freedom and authority demanded in practises professor remembering that nobody is citizen of the autonomy of nobody, still speaks in the same I capitulate that to teach it demands taken conscientious of decisions what if to the educator or the democratic, conscientious educator of the impossibility of the neutrality of the education is to forge in itself exactly one to know special that never must abandon, to know that motivates and supports without fight: if the education cannot everything, some basic thing the education can, leaves clearly despite the professor has that to know to listen, therefore the same not he is detainer of all the knowledge the same still needs to recognize that the education is ideological, the necessary educator to be made use I dialogue to it with the educandos therefore he is not shameful to be unaware of something, he needs to testify the opening to the others, the curious availability to the life, its challenges, therefore these are to know necessary to practise educative and above all the necessary professor to want the pupils well, the author says that he needs to be discarded as false the separation radical between seriousness professor and affectivity. The book in study has useful principles to the educators, but so that these principles are practised it is necessary that many professors are conscientious of that these principles alone will occasion positive effect if applied correctly and first they are applied ' ' educadores' ' that most of the time they apply to the pupils ideas total retrgadas and want to get resulted positive. Resenhado for Appeared Aline Barbosa and Jackeline Gomes Barbosa Soares. In a question-answer forum Richard Linklater was the first to reply. Students of 4 Period of Full Licenciatura in Sciences Biological, in the College of the Parnaba-FAMEP Medium..

A Better World

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You already must have heard the phrase: We go to leave a better world for our children. CEO Keith McLoughlin is often mentioned in discussions such as these. It was sufficiently common while she increased the concern with the environment. Pollution, consuming in the natural resources, exaggerated use of chemical products and lack of ambient education took us to create it pilgrim’s staffs as this that denounce and call attention for the ambientalista cause. However, another phrase that I read recently and it made that me to stop to think was: We go to leave better children for our world. is more than certain. You already stopped to think about this angle? You have made some serious thing – and when I say serious, I mention myself to open hand of its zone of comfort and look with seriousness to what she comes happening – you stop to inquire and to understand if its children are if carrying worthy to deserve the world that them is of right? Lamentably I have read, ear and until witnessed much thing of this type to happen.

They are young that if feels above of any thing, the law, the minimum values of convivncia and, still superficially, they possess its parents as true allies to whom they can and they want to make. Where they had been to stop the true human values where a older person must be respected and where the education must prevail whatever the cost? It seems that, unhappyly, these attitudes had been changed by worse others and that they make one I ruin very great in the social conviviality. All we have seen the proliferation of these actions and balance the head in reprovao signal and clearly, we apply the old one and consumed phrase: ' ' This world you perdido' '. You the nothing! What you the lost one is the lack of will to move, the responsible attitude of looking at for inside of our proper home and verifying if we are not creating animals papes that will atazanaro our sleep in the future.

Henan Hongxing

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In recently, Hongxing crushers are introduced from Germany advanced manufacturing technology, having realized high wore resistant and long service time. Among of them, JC series jaw crusher is one of the biggest achievements with the most advanced international crushing technology. Based on much of crusher researching experience, Red Star experts adopt finite element method, having developed a new generation crusher successfully. This new type of jaw crusher is fixed by specialized rubber shock absorbing device, which absorbs equipment vibration peak effectively. At the same time, it allows jaw crusher vertical and longitudinal displacement direction so as to reduce impact to the base. That the symmetrical V-shaped cavity design, large inclination of the bracket, large stroke and reasonable speed make the feed particle size bigger, higher yields and more uniform particle size and lower jaw plate wear.

Heavy movable jaw assembly uses forging heavy-duty eccentric shaft, high-quality overloaded rolling bearing, the finite element software optimized jaw body to ensure impact resistance and high stability; The labyrinth seals and central lubrication system guarantee bearing grease against contamination, so that the lubrication is more convenient, operation longer and more stability. New type of HCP hydraulic impact crusher absorbs advanced foreign technology and combines with practical domestic situation for optimized design. The whole structure is simple, practical and reasonable. Meanwhile, the larger and better cavity greatly improves production efficiency. The product is high versatility, and the two chambers can become three-cavity increasing in plans grinding by crushing, so that it reduces secondary investment for users.As the professional manufacturer of complete sets of mining machinery, such as sand maker, Henan Hongxing is always doing the best in products and service. All modern enterprises are struggling for improving core competition in order to start a better prospect. Based on years of development and innovation, network Star Co, as a pioneer crusher manufacturer are constantly researching new products and expanding new markets so as to satisfy ore resources production requirements. In recent years, we have produced new types of crushing equipments have many characteristics, such as energy saving and environmental friendly and reliable performance.

That provides a steady support for industry development in China. Impact crusher can adjust the discharged size through a variety of means, such as adjusting the speed of the rotor, adjusting the impact plate and the gap of the grinding cavity. Clearance adjustment can adjust by mechanical or hydraulic press, hydraulic control system can easily complete clearance adjustment through the on – site operation button or remote control system. But the hammer crusher only by changing bottom sieve adjustment. When the materials enter the field of the hammer, it is impacted by the hammers, thrown onto the impact plate, and crushed. The stuff springs from the impact plate, is impacted by the hammers again, and thrown onto impact plate. This process will last until the stuff meets the requirement and falls from the machine. Adjusting the distance between impact frame and rotor frame can change the shape and size of the output. When some foreign stuff enters the machine, the impact frame will fallback, the stuff falls from the machine. This device can prevent machine from damages.

Ambient Education

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The projects concur the three prizes for category. Beyond the work of ambient education in the schools, they had been carried through, also, activities with agriculturists of the So Paulo cities of Holambra, Jaguarina, Saint Antonio de Posse and Valinhos. For this specific public the method of Diagnosis Fast Agricultural Participativo was applied. Half surveys of the social physicist and, carried through in visits the country properties of selected hidrogrficas microbasins, had been complemented by the accomplishment of meetings with the agriculturists. Kindle Direct Publishing brings even more insight to the discussion. It was made possible, thus, to define with priority subjects to be boarded in this component of the project. They had resulted in class actions directed to promote the agricultural development in sustainable bases, such as lectures, days of field and mutires (EMBRAPA Environment, 2010). From 2002, the Embrapa Environment initiated a new front of action in the scope of the ambient education. With the intention of ‘ ‘ to make what if diz’ ‘ , it emphasizes its performance in the internal scope and the exercise of the social responsibility of the institution, whose strategy is the internalizao of thematic ambient in the proper Embrapa, emphasizing itself three lines of work: ) in the internal scope, the consolidation of an institucional culture of technological development in tune with the rules of the support; b) next to the next community, assuring the full exercise of the social responsibility, according to its institucional ability; c) in the Embrapa interface/society – promoting values and practical dialgicas with the public-target of the research, sensetizing it for the new chances of insertion in a demanding market in quality, assuring the potencializao of the positive impacts of the results of the research for adoption of appropriate technologies to the ambient management of the agronegcio (EMBRAPA Environment, 2010).

FINAL CONSIDERAES the ambient education if show thematic an important one to be inserted inside of discipline of biology, therefore it shows to the pupil as to preserve the environment and to have a healthful life. Taking in consideration the cited factors above she has one necessity of a movement in such a way on the part of professors, pupils and government to be assisting in the ambient education in the biology education.