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As result of this, the didactic methodology and actions are total engaged, therefore the education of literature in average education would have to be on to the reading abilities, with the objective of that the pupil is a competent reader of literary texts. Today, the biggest concern of the schools is the approval of its pupils in the side vestibular contest, leaving its social function (described at the beginning of this work) and the reach of one better profile for the students who enter the Brazilian universities. Perhaps due to clarity or for the small spreading of the PCN' s, the professors they do not have if appropriate of this renovador spirit in the art of the education of this new proposal of literature education. Since the proposal of this change is of that the literary text is the main object of study in the literature lessons, and not only this tiring and old project on the history of literature, is necessary that other knowledge, gotten in similar areas (History, Sociology, Psychology, etc) are added and changedding itself into important and useful tools to deal with the literary text. Any methodology that is chosen, this must be engaged with the formation of these competent readers for deals with the necessities of the world contemporary, through already commented perspective dialgica, that not only brings the relations of literature with its time, but also the proper essence of literature. There the true one felt of the literary text would be, something brought for the reality, different of this ' ' engessamento' ' of which the education of literature has times if find. Following this perspective, the literary text leaves of being old, archaic element to changed itself into conquest, challenge, knowledge that the pupil makes to interact with the world where he lives, as they consider the PCN' s.

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