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– Bunny playing with ball, it laminates under low vetochkami.Polzanie a bear along the rope – Kata Bunny on snegohode.Pryzhki along the rope sideways. – Rabbit jumps over a snowy path – he hastens to confuse the trail. P / E “Frost.” Is that you, our frost. You have a red nose. “Frozen!” Raise your hands up and say, upwards. Lower down, say: down. Well done, all raised their hands, they let down the music. Sit down, sculpt snow.

Say the blind. Stand up and throw a hand and say, abandoned. Well done, squatted and stood up all together. Sat on the floor, legs straight. Lie on your back, say: Wham! Swing arms, sit down and say, wow! Julia, well done, easy to lift the torso. floor, legs straight.

floor behind him, say a blizzard. laziness, head drop downhill: it drifts. Hands placed on the floor behind the back, bend your legs alternately, not pyatochku detach from the floor. Say once or twice. Well done, well performed, the music. Lie on stomach, bend your legs alternately up and down down, pull up nosochek, say once or twice. Well done, nosochek pulled, tried. Jump on toes around the first snowflakes to the right and then left. Well done, it is easy to jump on the socks. When the wind blows on the hands and rubs. When the wind blows on a snowflake. Lepim ball – squat, hands on knees, head down, to creep under the arc. Stops set at rope, his hands drop to the floor, walking on a tightrope. Jump sideways across the rope, land on your toes. Film director shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Arms back and forth. Choose a frost in rhyme. Frost caught the guys, touches his hand. Who cold reserve, out of the game. Run, do not encounter, to turn aside from the cold. After the word “frozen” are starting to run away. Good job, running around, not encountered, trying to dodge the cold. 3h. Final D / V “ski” M / T “Train” roared the engine and trailers drove. Our cheerful locomotive in kindergarten has brought us all. Take the wand in your hands, hands up, sit down, hands behind his back. Say sh-sh-sh. Well done, squatted together with the music.

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