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Formed in Pedagogia in the UESB (southwestern State University of the Bahia), it was enabled to work with deficient auditory through the course of Pounds with a load of 400 hours, given in Salvador. It works has twenty and five years in the education, being that it develops a work the three deficient years with auditory. It works in the school of Application in the vespertine turn with 2a series of basic education, has 9 (nine) pupils deaf listeners, 8 (eight) pupils and 2 (two) mental deficient pupils in regular classroom and takes care of to twenty and two pupils in a room of support in the Lions school Club, in which it carries through a interested course for the family, professors and in learning Pounds. According to teacher the learning for the auditory deficient pupils if becomes difficult, therefore the school disponibiliza of resources and the ones that exist do not function, what it would facilitate its work and the performance of the pupils. However it in tells that these barriers to them although to make it difficult its work she does not disable it to get success, therefore dedicates itself very what she makes and she works with love. Being thus it leaves clear its insatisfao in what she says respect to the indifference of the government with this modality of education, therefore the majority of the professors that has these pupils in room does not make use of no course of qualification to take care of them, they make what them to give up to study. She cited some examples of pupils, its, that when passing to other series had abandoned the school, for if feeling excluded inside of the classroom. It cites some pupils who had obtained to enter the work market, as in the Branches, FTC and Good Hiper Price, however they prefer to study, therefore always she has a search of the companies for these pupils.

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