Bull Terrier

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Every dog is an individual, like every other sentient beings, too, and here there will always be different characters, assign the one hand, a slight, others more difficult, some are more submissive, the other rebellious. Who wants a peaceful dog is solely responsible for it completely, who thinks he can fix peacefulness and tolerance at the race, is wrong. We had a mini bull terrier to bishin the "creeper-type", as I call them roosters fight, all added their names into the pack, with some it was less or no work at all, in other more. Overall, the Miniature Bull Terrier a breed that dog as an individual in a family feels at least as well as in a large pack. One thing must be said: he is liked unrivaled at the center, meet other dogs go to the common walk and play, to live together Mini Bulli they should really have not. Several males together, especially when even dogs in packs, be left to the people, the real knowledge, and pack leadership qualities have, for it is not easy.

However, this is the case across race, not only in miniature Bull Terrier. Consideration will be, precisely and in terms of compatibility with other dogs, must in each case the terrier being that sometimes requires a little more emphatic education, because they are impulsive, our Minis, in every respect. All this makes the miniature bull terrier to a rounder, second to none. He is adaptable, enthusiastic about (almost) anything, he is affectionate and he is full of devoted love for his owners, even the standard Bull Terrier should be our own. Perhaps it is this excessively strong affinity for the people of this Heisch about love, recognition and attention that made it possible for our races, so for dubious pleasures of To abuse, as has happened in the past. And if I were to describe in one word why I've lost my heart to the (miniature) Bull Terrier, I would do so well with the concept of the incredible love that this breed is able to give us human and makes us feel for them.