Argentina President

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Argentine Government officials have taken control of the oil company YPF, drawing from their armchairs to the Spanish officers and Argentines of the company. Roberto Baratta, was the only representative of the Argentine State in the YPF directory, once expelled Spanish executives ordered to change the security of the building. Baratta was presented in the headquarters of the company to proceed to the immediate intervention of YPF when the President of the Argentina announced by the national chain immediate intervention by the Spanish oil company. The Argentina President decreed that Julio de Vido, Minister of planning, will assume the intervention of the company. Click KDP for additional related pages. The price of YPF shares were suspended in different bags waiting for events. From Spain the Government’s statements have been very clear and forceful, there will be consequences for the future. It is an aggression, a Spanish company has been assaulted by a country like Argentina. Investors and Spanish companies of all kinds are seeing with perplexity and concern what happened. Companies of cellulose, cleaning company, absorption, print all are looking that you can pass in Argentina.

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Through the success you're moving to a failure. After a failure you move towards success. If you have a few successes row, it means that you set for yourself is too easy task. If you get a failure, you have a huge amount of material for development. And the most rapid growth occurs during the chain of failures, if it can stand your mind. If he can not, then you will no longer develop. For many people – a subconscious fear of failure. They have year after year, set for themselves only those tasks which surely succeed.

And the year after year, depriving themselves of opportunities for development. Fear of failure makes it impossible to succeed. And development is necessarily accompanied by crises. The crisis is the very state where everything that was done earlier, is denied, because it is This led to a crisis. Need to do something radically new. Look at the situation with fresh eyes and see the possibilities that have not previously seen. Before the crisis could be more relax and move in a groove. In period of crisis, these tracks, if they do not have time to become a great sound track (a fairly long period without a crisis, for it was), floods the forest of new problems, snow of pessimism, blurs rain-failures, they are not as reliable and not so short. Have permanently or keep them in the same state or act in a more radical: to lay a shorter, more efficient, more reliable way to protect them.

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According to him, the Federal Reserve and Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation have created a public-private investment fund. The mechanism works consisted of the following: banks formed a pool of distressed assets, after What the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation held an auction for the sale of troubled assets (of course, with a discount). If the price of the asset seller's suit, the private investor finance operations through the issuance of debt securities guaranteed by the FDIC. A further funding comes from state funds and private investor in a ratio of 6 to 1. And some investors get to control a pool of troubled assets. Must say that the plan until the end and was not implemented because the government failed to negotiate with banks on repurchase price of distressed assets. Switzerland In Switzerland, the Fund was established for special purposes of the Central Bank with filling of 60 billion dollars by the Central Bank (54 billion) of bonds and the largest bank in Switzerland, UBS AG (6 billion). In fact, the hybrid scheme was applied to the elements of the remediation of the bank and insurance company.

Managed funds were transferred to the problem assets at UBS $ 39 billion, and the government sold bonds of the bank (UBS), which can be converted into a 10% stake in the bank. Sweden Sweden the first of European countries, who began work on the state level with distressed assets – in the early 90s of last century. For this purpose, the creation of two financial companies with unlimited public funding. Bank assets were conditionally divided into 'good', 'problematic' and 'bad'. The first group of assets remain in the management of banks, the second – redeemed by financial firms, and the third – to be written off. Financial firms bought the banks troubled assets by the state, which is partially crossed the shares of banks (in effect, partial nationalization).

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The only literature to our theme that could find was a book by Christopher Farrell, "Day Trading Online" – if you ignore the excesses of practical examples on the American Stock Exchange, and skip the intro, where as any American has written a book, he thanked all those who are only able to remember it, the theme of scalping can crystallize in three statements. 1. Scalping means to profit from market changes that have no economic sense, either by using its short-term effect. 2. Starting from the first statement, scalping the market can be divided into two subspecies. The first – Is the bid-ASA spredding, that is almost simultaneous exposure Limit orders to buy and sell on the edges of the spread to profit from the difference between the purchase price and sale price. Second – trading on pulse – here profits obtained by a rapid entry into position on the early momentum, and equally rapid exit.

3. Achieving a positive result from this style of trading is possible with technical and psychophysical benefits trader. To dry theory full of practical sense, we consider these allegations as an example of our favorite instrument Scalping – RTS Index futures (for brevity I'll write their name on the stock exchange – RIZ). So, to see how to profit from short-term changes in futures prices, look at the so-called glass. Buy or sell stock assets can in many ways. Us to further work will be only two: the administration of the broker application of purchase / sale of an asset at market price with its immediate execution – market application, and administration of the application of purchase / sale of an asset at a specified price with us – application is executed if the specified price becomes the market – Limit application.