Training Centres

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Drawbacks of the current model a) teaching approach wrong with the current model we are giving priority to the training of specialists in a particular tool for a particular manufacturer, dedicating ourselves to explain details of use of Word, when we should specify generic concepts of a word processor, then showing implemented as one or another program. It is reasonable to use the tool with more educational advantages. If training takes place in an appropriate manner and the student really learns the generic use of certain types of tools, you can easily and quickly adapt to any program in this category. b) Costs for Institutions and Training Centres We have calculated the cost of equipping with Microsoft Office Standard 2003 computer classroom of 15 PCs. Considering the price educational license 2, which is around 180, we get a cost of 2,700 .

This amount would be enough to add four more computers in the classroom, or to obtain an expert instructor about 100 hours of training. c) Costs for students The student needs to have the program office at home to work experience and assimilate the knowledge they will acquire in the course. In the case of an unemployed, although modest, the disbursement of 180 euros can be very burdensome. In the case of an entrepreneur and want to legally use the program as a growing business, not satisfied with the educational license: You must obtain a commercial license for each PC you use it, which amounts to 610 per PC.