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There are many companies that today already have a quality system.Ask him that benefits have been obtained from it. Your answers will be different; image, savings in costs, better organization, increased business, accessibility to contests of official bodies, etc. But your answers have something in common, a general improvement in the company. If you now ask them what is the way they have chosen to achieve implementation of the system, will encounter two responses basically:-the external advice and – the hiring of an expert and incorporate it into the enterprise the first template is very comfortable, consists in searching for a firm of recognised prestige and request that through visits and work in common to create a system capable of being certified by a third party. It is a delivery that we could call turnkey. This option is easy for the company but has its drawbacks. The first is that it is very expensive. For a small business (up to 20 employees) it can cost between 2,000 and 4,000.

The second is that the company is not involved in the fully the process (only those directly related to the project are which relate to the consultant). This situation produces that, after the process, life remains the same in the company. The second option (the hired expert), is even more expensive, means a person more in template for a specific task, so it is only acceptable for owls type enterprises, since the cost is very high for small. Its advantage is that the company implements from within the system and having a person responsible for the theme of quality, its follow-up, updating and commitment is virtually assured. But nowadays new roads open.

We are accustomed to see listings of courses, masters, formations, etc. online. Take advantage of new technologies to our business advantage. The on-line method combines the advantages of the two classic formulas of implantation of a quality system (Advisor externo-experto internal). Through online counseling any company can deploy the system in a manner Economic and efficient. Specially designed for small and medium-sized companies that cannot afford incorporate into template a person to fill the post of head of quality, the on-line system assumes that by investing small (600-1,000) your company may be ready to be certified by a third party. On-line system means more work for the company, since it has to perform all the work herself without face-to-face help, but in this way ensures that the implication of the majority of the employees will be important, since their participation is going to be active and not of be limited to tell things to an external or accept an internal decisions. As to resolve questions that arise during the deployment, system online will not only let, provides assistance by email or telephone to solve all the problems adequately. The part of training is. Normally these companies that want access to the implementation of ISO 9001, lack previous training to do so. In the online consultants a training package is normally included so that both the person in charge of the implementation project and the rest of the employees (including address), receive sufficient information to cope with the entire process of implementation. At the end of the implementation the company will have a system that has matured herself, knowing their strengths and weaknesses and the commitment of its workforce will be ISO 9001 standards adapted to their reality.