More Disabilities

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It is disappointing to see the programmes in favour of persons with different capacities, the objective is noble to raise funds for clinics, support for computers, creation of rehabilitation centers, as disappointing is the way. An example of many a Telethon in which to educate people to make donations, they use the resource of the misfortune, the helplessness, tragic and poignant cases that generate us sorrow and compassion and motivate us to donate in favour of such unprotected beings are presented. And our integrity? to hear the term disability can imagine a person who suffers, limited, unable to fend for itself, this is the stereotype created by the media of communication, see us and is a concept completely out of place. This image is that limits us, who is going to hire a person with disabilities without feeling sorry for her and believe not able to require him to others? the perception of disability must be changed, the value of the human being is not in their physical capabilities, its essence lies in its spirit. People who live with disabilities do not seek compassion by our situation in life and do not want recognition for go ahead and achieve important goals, our need to part of equality, of having the same opportunities as anybody, what we limit? lack of architectural infrastructure to provide access and displacement to enter and carry out a productive activity in a company or institution.

Failure of public transport that count with the necessary adjustments for safety and accessibility for persons with disabilities, are limited opportunities to enter educational institutions which prevents a greater preparation academic and consequently a greater financial reward. Under this context requiring only adjustment, adaptation and implementation of the environment in which persons with disabilities are involved to gain access to the various services needed in their daily activities. However, to represent a minority there is a lack of interest from various sectors of society to offer services with the conditions they require, this has limited their rights. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Nike on most websites. The level of influence that generate the media in certain groups can achieve a change in attitudes and values in society, hence the importance of evaluating the type of message that is transmitted with regard to persons with disabilities, create stereotypes generates a barrier more than social inclusion our greatest desire is to feel that we are not discriminated against, we have the same projects and dreams than either only seek integration active in all sectors, barriers, and do not conceive that we are excluded is the goal, but to achieve this change, we must break with the more important the social barrier of those small minds that perceive us as limitedthe only difference that exists is that we do things differently than usual.