School Purposes

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And parallel to this the birth of the school is also how institution. Coincidence? The school in its origins, education was created to fulfill certain purposes (i.e., intentional, no education is neutral according to Freire), either as the cognitive development of man, as a being, release mechanism as a generator of realities, etc. The institutionalization of education, i.e. the school; in theory, he sought to follow the same aims and purposes. Today education is worshipped by almost all of the men, the education is held and admired by those who have the ability to possess it; School (for being in the service of education) is equally admired and almost no human being is capable of imagining that it is a corrupt, corrupt, entity is exercised where abuse of power, be ineffective in its purposes and which is subservient to the interests of certain minorities and used as a tool to meet the purposes of others sectors (read state, church or corporations) then see a school that is not in the service of humanity, that is not at the service of being, which is not in the service of freedom of man, but a spawning patterns of domination school, dependent on external entities that handle blatantly under their interests, we see the school how oppressive institutionforming of slaves, ineffective in the fulfillment of the purposes for which it was created, fraught with anti values and dependent on certain organisms that stained them at your whim, that is not at the service of man but to the system set up. This Freire, ineffective school, had already seen it but not from the external point of view, but the same intrinsic school. We see a learner oppressed, molded to the whim of the interests of third parties. We see a bank education where educators (being also dominated and oppressed by the system) deposited in the minds of learners, information that is interested that they handled.