Childrens Rights Education

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THE RIGHTS OF NIa'O a Who will save this little boy, smaller than a grain of oats? Where will the hammer executioner of this chain? Miguel Hernandez. MOST IMPORTANT IS THAT REALLY THE rights may be exercised to recognize the existence of human rights, about which there seems to be a basic agreement, and the desirability of these rights are formulated in an explicit way (of what would be an example Universal Declaration of Human Rights) and its realization is guaranteed by the state, which we can ask is why it is necessary to talk specifically about the rights of children. If children are recognized as fully human beings, then possess the same rights as individuals of any age, which would make it unnecessary to make special rights for them, which, however it is done, such as the Convention on the Rights the boy and girl adopted by the United Nations on November 20, 1989. a The need to speak directly of children's rights is justified by the specific characteristics that humans have for a long period of infancy and can be summarized in two: immaturity and dependence. Recently