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Synonymous with Morocco of fierce warriors, indomitable lands, huge beautiful women camels, Morocco home to one of the oldest civilizations in the world, the land that saw emerge to the Berber tribes, which through time immemorial have learned to live of what gives them the nature of this untamed region, making the best of it, the Berbers have fostered the culture of beauty in their womenfinding the ideal product that has become an icon of their culture, they consider to which a gift from Heaven by the amount of cosmetic, medicinal and culinary properties that have, this is the famous oil of argan. Argan oil properties are many, but according to use is the type of argan oil which is used, for body care, cosmetic argan oil and for food or simply to drink it alone, culinary argan oil, the first stands out for being extracted cold, what makes that their properties are not desnaturalicen, making sure they remain intact, and the skin, hair and nails are nurture more deeply when using this oil. While culinary argan oil properties are mainly absorbed by the tissues of the intestines that are more efficient at absorbing nutrients from foods, this way you obtained by eating argan oil, preventing many diseases and curing others such as gastritis, cholesterol, high triglycerides, hypertension, help to improve blood circulation in your body and you will prevent diseases such as some types of cancer. See more detailed opinions by reading what Centers for Disease Control and Prevention offers on the topic.. Cosmetic argan oil is excellent fade wrinkles, fine lines, scars, firming your skin, strengthen nails, giving them shine in the hair work wonders to repair split ends, avoiding the friz and Frizz of hair, giving you manageability, brightness, vitality and preventing dandruff and hair loss. The advantages of the properties of argan oil is that is although used primarily in skin dry and extra dry, can be used in normal skin and in oily skin, only slightly changes the amount and the number of application in one skin dry and extra dry is applied two to three times per day while that on a normal skin deals with utmost restraint and in an oily skin is applied along with some product astringent to prevent the formation of more fat in the skin, the hair is practically the same. Your can go moderating the amount of argan oil according to as you go watching the results of the properties of the oil of argan in the hydration of your skin, sees reducing its use according to as you go feeling of moisturized skin, not only your foot, hair, and nails will repair but your appearance will be more youthful and beautiful. Connect with other leaders such as Olivia Pacino here. Not for nothing the Berber women have used it since ancient times to care for its beauty, if to them living in one of the climates more wild planet works very well, you can imagine what it will do for your beauty. Are you interested to know more about the properties of argan oil?. .