Bariatric Surgery

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One in seven people over age 50 suffers from impaired glucose tolerance, which consists of the elevation of blood sugar levels after eating. In the majority of cases, this intolerance develops as a result of obesity and associated metabolic syndrome. If the person does not take concrete measures (low weight, controlling their diet and regularly practice exercise) when this problem is diagnosed, the direct consequence is diabetes, which grows to great strides and has become a serious problem for public health, particularly by its high prevalence among young people and children. It is estimated that one in ten people who suffer from impaired glucose tolerance will develop type 2 diabetes and it is estimated that in thirty years, the rate of people with diabetes around the world may grow in more than one hundred percent. Diabetes produces, in turn, own complications.

One of every three people with diabetes will develop kidney failure and more than 70% will die of cardiovascular disease. Furthermore, it is the leading cause of blindness and amputation of limbs. If you would like to know more about CEO Keith McLoughlin, then click here. When this gloomy scenario is presented, the obese must take measures more effective. If traditional treatments have already been tested and not the expected results have been achieved, undergo a surgery can be an interesting option. Still don’t understand the exact mechanisms by which insulin levels are controlled after an operation of this kind, but there is extensive medical literature which endorses its results and give us guarantees to take the risk. The patient may have a great recovery after the intervention. Approximately 70% of patients are able to eliminate their diabetes and lowering triglyceride levels within a few days of post-operative.

This percentage may increase or decrease depending on the type of surgery. The speed with which it happens makes think experts not associated with the low weight, since patients are still obese when their values are stabilized. Some say that it is due to hormonal changes, to the improvement of habits and the reduction of calories that are assimilated by the organism. Even if Bariatric Surgery is not viewed as part of the treatment of diabetes, you need to call your doctor the possibility of making it. There are different types of operations that can adapt to your case and your needs, and may help overcome two of the most dangerous diseases of our century. Obesity Surgery offer several alternatives to recover his health as the Gastric Bypass, gastric banding or gastric balloon among others. Don’t think that you can ever reverse your situation, must only know the options that are at your fingertips.

Beijing University

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Scientists have developed a method of reproduction of stem cells in the laboratory, learned how to grow them from various tissues and even organs. Stem cells are able to stimulate cell regeneration and repair almost any damage to the body, but all this can not completely overcome senescence and has only a temporary rejuvenating effect. The fact that in the aging process play a key role changes in the human genome. Biological clock human Scientists have found that in all cells there are some ‘biological clock, measure their lifetime. David G. DeWalt insists that this is the case. As such “biological clock” are the telemeters – DNA regions of repetitive sequences of nucleotides tagging, located at the ends of chromosomes. With each cell division telomeres becoming shorter and shorter. And when telemeters shorten to the size limit, the cell triggers a mechanism that leads her to the programmed death – apportion.

There is an interesting fact: in the cancer cell works a special enzyme called telomerase, responsible for the superstructure of telomeres. Thus, cancer cells are capable of restoring telomere length, share a virtually unlimited number of times and not subjected to aging processes. If a healthy cell to introduce a dna sequence encoding the enzyme telomerase, the cell will acquire the above listed characteristics, but at the same time, become cancerous. Aging gene – P 16 However, as it turned out, the aging of cells depends not only on the shortening of telomeres. Chinese scientists headed by Professor of Medical Academy of Beijing University discovered a gene ‘P 16 “, responsible for cell aging..

Integrated Gerontology

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Huge mobile phone keys were ease of use for all at the beginning. You should help older people whose impaired vision and touch subsides. But when they arrived mid-nineties on the market, wanted to watch hardly anyone so let: because from afar was visible: someone not quite on the level here. Is that not surprising the head of the research and teaching area technical design at the Institute of engineering and technical design (IKTD) of the University of Stuttgart, Prof. Thomas Maier, at all. You thought must make simply greater mobile phone”, he says.

It has not considering the stigma.” This has fundamentally changed in the past few years. How ergonomics, so the good handling, and aesthetic issues to bring together try”Maier describes the paradigm shift, the developer of the IKTD have internalized. Older people want to see beautiful things, and touch. This insight is the universal design”to reason, comes from the United States. The principle: If a device suitable for the elderly is, then younger use it gladly. Ideal type for this development are the Smartphones and tablet computers, the company Apple has paved the way to the mass market.

Keys there are only a few icons and the font can be enlarged easily in the display, without noticing the seat neighbor something. So far hesitant following this mega-trend in Germany. Thomas Maier sees the reason for also in the lack of appreciation of the elderly in society. In Japan, the developed country with the highest proportion of older people, the senior product development are much stronger at a glance. In Germany, the age pyramid is in 10 15 years look similar. Prof. Maier therefore opts for the opening of the technical discipline for other subjects. We are dependent on the corporate, social, and sports scientists,”he says. For two years the IKTD therefore closely cooperates with these subjects in the context of the programme of integrated Gerontology”.