Don Miguel

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By far, with resol reverberante of that one vague and probably nonexistent hour, I did not recognize soon its proprietors when they appeared. Already is those commented Adares, without no special affectation. Who are? I asked, spurred by an unusual curiosity in me. the directors answered Torrent. What directors? Those of the University.

Which are going to be? Then Don Miguel and Antoito Tovar. They are always discussing. The one that discusses is Unamuno emphasized Remigio Gonzlez. Tovar differs, but it does in another tone. Note immediately that is not poet. Both old woman college students, other people’s to our presence, were come near to where we were. In spite of his greater proximity, he did not manage to understand to them. Torrent realized my perplexity and smiled with a little socarronera: Hablan in Basque said.

Before the pair of professors arrived until us, Don Gonzalo put to me abreast of which Unamuno was euskaldn, that is to say, vascohablante. And that Tovar Antoito, called to him, with a strange familiarity, although been born in Valladolid and resident in Salamanca during the friolera from twenty-two years, it knew the euskera perfectly. It has not read his Mythology on the Basque language? I recognized to him honestly that no, that was not a subject of my interest. Good. It is not either that it attracts too much to me. For that reason those two go giving all the short while palique, to practice. Don Miguel is scared of which in a pair of centuries it does not dominate his maternal language already as well as now. It says that has happened to him with Danish him, because of not using it. Both alluded they finished arriving where we, although followed without paying attention to us.

The Development

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As a result of all this, they are going away to produce a series of important impacts in the identity of each individual and in how it is perceived and one feels. What really motivates the individuals? What opinion has of themselves like individual people and part of a society? Social psychology is going to be born in the social conformation brought about by the changes undergone in all the areas of the human development, that are unquestionably the germ for the birth of the new science that studies and analyzes the collective behavior of the men like being social. The human conduct can be understood from three perspective: personnel, interpersonal and social and the three interrelate in the explanation of the same. The society is a construction of the individuals and the relations that maintain to each other. Throughout the development of the discipline, different theoretical paradigms have existed, in many faced occasions.

The classic authors contemplated abiertamente to the organization like a departure point for the interpretation and explanation of the all articulated society like. Weber had, among others objectives, the study of the power and the direction of the rationality nourishes that it; in her texts, the organization was a point fundamental to articulate both levels of analysis, and jointly with his interpretative approach she managed to focus to the social action and the motivations that they urge the individuals to execute it. On the other hand, Marx saw the organization like the propitious niche for the development of the productive process, and for the joint of the relations of subordination and subsuncin to the interior of the same. The classic expositions are necessary to analyze the new courses of this social formation until the flexible organization of the companies, that it has given foot to a global expansion of Capitalism. They contribute to elements for the historical analysis when raking the dynamics of the organizations in the time in which they lived and when comparing it with the present tendencies, and for use of epistemologic principles theoretical/that allow to construct knowledge us on the intergenesis of the organization with the all social one.