Western Hemisphere Business

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It is noted, trachea is an even more threatening to the Russian-Venezuelan alliance .. tiempoo ago Soviet Defense Minister Sergei Ivanov signed a military cooperation treaty with his Venezuelan counterpart at the time, Jose Vicente Rangel. From ahoraa says the source, it is expected that Russian military advisers to join Chinese advisers operating in South America. Can also be found with the deployment of new weapons systems in the Western Hemisphere, including aircraft and anti-aircraft missiles. We have already discussed in other writings, that the Venezuelan government’s approach to Russia has been identified as a priority strategy for the defense and strengthening of national sovereignty through agreements on commercial, technological, scientific, educational, energy and security and defense, as noted by El Espectador of Colombia, noting that if the main threat to Venezuela is the activation of the fourth United States Navy, the alliance with Russia will provide stability and national security is known, in recent years venezuelae slab has compradoa Russia of 24 Sukhoi fighter jets, 53 helicopters and 100,000 Kalashnikov rifles, worth 3,500 million dollars. Definitely Venezuela has moved closer to Russia and think their alliance will allow progress to employ, especially cona energy agreements for the exploitation of hydrocarbons in the country. Taking into account the experience, technology Russian. Hence, the Revolutionary government Bolivarianoa lay the groundwork for the formation of a Russian-Venezuelan state bank that will fund bilateral projects.

Do not forget that Venezuela was Russia’s loans for more than 4,000 million dollars to buy arms for defense, for the modernization of the Bolivarian Armed Forces. a It is said that the next forward contract will focus on Venezuelan nuclear development (Russia build a nuclear reactor in Venezuela) and transfer of nuclear technology to be used for civilian purposes, a La alianzaa has been strengthened so that the President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation, Yevgeny Primakov, stressed that Russian business supports socio-political changes in America and, especially, from Venezuela. a He noted, indicated that the social commitment in Venezuela by the Russian business is always present and has created a fleet of emergency Tucupita, which has 9 modern boats that have served the community for help Warao of the eastern region. In the next letter will be an analysis of strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities that this Partnership, with its conventions, treaties, means for the country. Industrial Engineer-manager, abogado.