The Forms

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Hurts will go to occupy and to corrode part of the mind and that as an illness virulent, the fragmented being will leave. Marriages that are breached, independent of the time of union and the fact that had taken them the separation, of certain form become common to happen this fact. It is also lost faith in itself and in God. Richard Linklater is often quoted on this topic. At this moment the area spiritual highly is harmed. In many cases this frustration will go to affect other areas. In the professional area, generally, it becomes choice when entering the university and, many to the times, with some indetermination on the career, go to the search of test or vocational orientation better to define the choice. The way.

But, it has those people who for a series of reasons will not go to make its choices passing for a university and, nor always will go to work in a profession that dreams, then, they will be submitted to execute another activity and in many cases for the necessity. She can yourself be noticed that these ways are seemed, therefore, in the same way that they exist people that work with what many times are not of its affability also live all a life with who one does not like and both the forms if they adoecem. For times it is transferred for the life without at least noticing the changes for simple that they are. ' ' We have, to the times, the sensation of that we become vacant for the life, involved for the circumstances, without very route of the way to follow. When we do not know which is our way, any way serves in the eagerness to survive to any cost, we deliver of tray our integrity and our initiatives the point of many of us to deliver to our being in the search insensata of material values in a future generally disentailed of our essential balance ' '.

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