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This research shows the insatisfao of that they coexist the professor, what it makes to more perceive that the life of the professional this each afflicted and conditional time to necessities of the day-day, forgetting itself the conjugal and social affectivity of the life. Boch (2008, p.198) affirms that, ' ' the emotions and the feelings are as foods of our psiquismo and are gifts in all the manifestations of our life, need them because they give to color and flavor our life and in the taking of decisions. 2.3 The manifestation of stress in the university professor According to Fontana (2009), ' ' stress in human beings has been defined of varies ways, but, in essence, ace is a done requirement adaptativas capacities of the mind and the body. This definition implies that: stress in itself is not good nor bad; it becomes good or bad as indirect consequence of the force of the estressante agent and as direct consequence of our psicofsica capacity of resistncia.' ' By its very nature, the professor profession shows to a continuous occupation of tasks and collections, being difficult disconnect in the end of the day and end of week of its attribution. Malagris (2010) affirms that: ' ' consuming occurs, in sharper way, when the homostasis (cardiovascular, respiratory, gastrointestinal functions and control of the corporal temperature) internal of the organism is disturbed by long periods or in very acute way. Any generating situation of a strong emotional state that has taken to an in addition homo estase internal and demands some adaptation can be called one estressor.' ' Graph 1: Etria band As demonstrates the graph above, the etria band of 20 the 30 years corresponds 18% of the interviewed ones, of 31 the 40 years corresponds 24%, of 41 60 years 38%, above of 60 years 20%. Graph 2: Quality of Life? ' ' Factor predominante' ' One notices that 2% of the interviewed ones had consisted that in its routine giving lessons, to keep the Quality of Life in the work are not a predominant factor, 98% of the interviewed ones see importance in the factor. . For other opinions and approaches, find out what film director has to say.

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