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ON the Professor PACED Carlos Mora vanegas aspects Basic, scope, impact the reality of this tells us, that has been lost the precise conception of what should be a college professor. All because that has proliferated the commercialisation of education, has been lost the mystique of teach, transmit, generating knowledge, be a true facilitator, leader of education in these times where knowledge is dynamic, in which scenarios require scholars capable of tackling its role, its mystique in pro generate a learning that provide solutionsfulfilling the social responsibility that manifests itself in every environment where they operate the universities, institutes of higher education. Hector Lerma Jasso, Professor called reminds us (professus Latin: part. pas. profiteri: publicly declare), in general, a person who by vocation and free choice is professionally dedicated to educational tasks; who possess the necessary knowledge has In addition the intention, pedagogical preparation and the technical mastery of the formative education. Professor is who, with professional voluntary, influences the spiritual lives of others through teaching, in order to help them to move from one State to another more perfect. Or the person who professionally acts on one or more specific individuals for the purpose of raising them to greater perfection. In other words: is the professional that, possessing the gift natural or acquired, specific preparation, necessary authorization and responsibility for intentional and systematic education, is dedicated to her as a means of personal fulfilment and livelihood. Always considering that education is, above all, raise the maximum development of the human spirit, because the essence of the educational Act is, rather than on the realization of vital values, in the valorization of life, individually and socially considered. The truth is, that the present demands to the universities, having professional teachers that know the skills demanded by the present science, that not can further deteriorate the figure of the University Professor, as it is happening in our environment, predominating in the vast majority of them, lack of an integral formation, humanist, academic, since they have joined the universities with the help of friendship, political commitment, the family traditioncoupled with little professional experience, professional graduates, many without academic vocation, simply occupying a place in the teaching to be included, occupy one position to dominate.

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