Ambient Education

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The projects concur the three prizes for category. Beyond the work of ambient education in the schools, they had been carried through, also, activities with agriculturists of the So Paulo cities of Holambra, Jaguarina, Saint Antonio de Posse and Valinhos. For this specific public the method of Diagnosis Fast Agricultural Participativo was applied. Half surveys of the social physicist and, carried through in visits the country properties of selected hidrogrficas microbasins, had been complemented by the accomplishment of meetings with the agriculturists. Kindle Direct Publishing brings even more insight to the discussion. It was made possible, thus, to define with priority subjects to be boarded in this component of the project. They had resulted in class actions directed to promote the agricultural development in sustainable bases, such as lectures, days of field and mutires (EMBRAPA Environment, 2010). From 2002, the Embrapa Environment initiated a new front of action in the scope of the ambient education. With the intention of ‘ ‘ to make what if diz’ ‘ , it emphasizes its performance in the internal scope and the exercise of the social responsibility of the institution, whose strategy is the internalizao of thematic ambient in the proper Embrapa, emphasizing itself three lines of work: ) in the internal scope, the consolidation of an institucional culture of technological development in tune with the rules of the support; b) next to the next community, assuring the full exercise of the social responsibility, according to its institucional ability; c) in the Embrapa interface/society – promoting values and practical dialgicas with the public-target of the research, sensetizing it for the new chances of insertion in a demanding market in quality, assuring the potencializao of the positive impacts of the results of the research for adoption of appropriate technologies to the ambient management of the agronegcio (EMBRAPA Environment, 2010).

FINAL CONSIDERAES the ambient education if show thematic an important one to be inserted inside of discipline of biology, therefore it shows to the pupil as to preserve the environment and to have a healthful life. Taking in consideration the cited factors above she has one necessity of a movement in such a way on the part of professors, pupils and government to be assisting in the ambient education in the biology education.

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