Drinking Water Helps You Lose Weight

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Last week gave you some tips on how it affects water in weight loss.As well as in commercials say that water burns calories show people who are more skinny only for drinking water, the water actually not enfalda. In this site we look for is help you get from a quick diet that works up to a more prolonged diet, but that in all cases works. We will help you to lose weight in the best way, to burn abdominal fat and many others. But there are more questions to answer and is what we will do. Today we want to answer some of the frequently asked questions about weight loss drinking water. Lose weight with water work?Perfect is time to answer a few questions 1.

With respect to lose fluid which we retained in the body, that counts as losing weight?Yes you can count for losing weight, and not. Yes, because certainly we pesaremos less to remove water from the body by means of diuretics or a fast diet.But not because the only thing that we will be losing in kilos is water, not FAT or muscle and when back to retain fluid in greater or less quantity will recover what had fallen. You should not confuse the fact of losing weight to eliminate liquid.Slimming requires more than a remedy of minutes, in the majority of cases is needed a little time to do a true loss of weight that goes beyond the duration of the fast diet. 2. What benefits provides pure water the body? 65% of our body is composed of water. It is indispensable in the processes of digestion, absorption and distribution of nutrient, as well as the transport and disposal of toxic elements. Improves the resistance of the ligaments, joints are lubricated, the temperature is controlled and maintaining adequate levels of acidity in our body. 3.

What happens if we don’t take enough water?They show certain symptoms caused by small States of dehydration, such as headaches and muscle, fatigue, mood changes and cramps. When dehydration is chronic began to experience numbness of limbs, sight disturbances, difficulties to swallow and delirium. In very severe cases heart attack and even death can occur. 4. What exercising, we must take lots of water?Lot no, enough. It is important to note that among the athletes it often is the case of poisoning drinking water in excess. Those who die or collapse in the marathons are this bad, also called hyperhydration.?It is necessary to drink water if we exercise, but in moderate amounts. Original author and source of the article

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