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12), says that: It is observed, also, the interest of groups and organizations, in the direction to collaborate with the school, consisting this area, a fertile field for the accomplishment of partnerships in favor of the education, for the development of the society, and therefore, a great challenge for the pertaining to school managers, for demanding of them new attentions, knowledge and abilities. That is, it would be necessary to have, on the part of the system, more than a specific qualification of these professionals of education ampler qualification of its works, as form to become them apt to jointly work education, management and democracy, in the school. Also taking as base for a thought that runs the same in sensible of democratic management e, exactly therefore, one meets made use in the article 14 of the current LDB, analyzed here, the incumbency that was given to the school so that this creates its Project together Pedagogical Politician with the community where it acts, reflects a positive positioning on the part of the system of education of the country around the clamorous existing relation between politics and education, beyond making with that the people have a vision of the Education as something of common interest in a society, as well as has of the politics in itself. DAYS (2003, P. 3) it approaches this question, where it questions: Why we consider important to keep the name of Project Pedagogical Politician and not of Educative Project, or Project of School, or same important Managing Plan? Because the word politician in name, will remember to that the action politics occurs in the social relations, because it will have to involve to all in its construction, because the action politics has the capacity to agglutinate people entorno of ideas and ideals, because it is essentially a democratic and participativa action, because …

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