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Why the importance of happiness in the educational task? and what is the holistic education? They are two forced questions that lead us to two terms that for years have been divorced when suddenly we associate happiness with education. From 17 years of experience as a founder, teacher and Director of a school of basic education, can say that happiness is part of the essence of any human being, naturally exteriorizada in childhood, and therefore essential within education educate, etymological root means to make exit, extract, giving birth, driving from the inside out. Regarding the term happiness according to the Real Academia Espanola, is the State of mind that is happy in the possession of a good, Marias (1988), adds that a verb that expresses happiness, to express it as action there is, will always be accompanied by adjectives or verbs be or have. Have we placed in the Centre of philosophy materialist as pointed out by Dr. Ramon Gallegos Nava, we routed towards a philosophy of the term, which in three centuries has led students to hedonism, the loss of meaning, attachments and dissatisfaction and therefore suffering, i.e. a culture based on the accumulation of finite goods. With regard to be definitions of happiness and education have in common that both speak of the interiority of human beings: happiness, alludes to the being and the term education speaks of extract from the inside outward, what leads to suppose that this interiority is involved naturally in education and happiness, although this has not always been so considered. Our educational history is full of abuse toward children, it is a very current topic as publications on maltreatment child but also very old, we can go back to times of the Egyptians or Hebrews and their teaching of writing (considered how infuriating) through coups and cudgels; or the same Greeks base of our culture, although the end of education identified through virtue, with happiness not linking the two aspects in educational practice.

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