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This book may be used both for self-study students and teachers to teach pupils and students. Complete a practical book with good illustrations make the classes practical and interesting. One of the advantages of this textbook lies in the fact that new words are memorized natural and simple way, and most importantly, the use of words and phrases explained in everyday contexts, not just in sentences, as is done in other benefits, especially in the home. Such a method (I call it brain storm – a brainstorming session), allows quick pick new words directly to the lesson, which I am convinced every time. A Headway, English Grammar in Use (R. Murphy) and many other books have already become a classic guide.

And no wonder. Their effectiveness is known to almost everyone, and probably you too. But, as the only textbook does not guarantee effective learning conversational speech. If you are interested in detailed information about all sorts of foreign textbooks, I suggest reading this informative article:. And to test knowledge of their students recommend the book Nelson English Language Tests. C of this book is very convenient determine the initial level and the further advancement of students. These tests are effective especially during the repetition of all the passed. I always use it.

And by the way, my method of checking knowledge prishodit after each the fifth lesson. This is much better than the repetition at the end of the course. And how to make their own methodology, as a novice tutor? And so, the textbook we have already chosen, but now let’s learn how to create a unique technique, creatively using simple textbooks and various programs.

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