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Rereading these paragraphs I’m fully convinced that were the best moments of the masters including also those where reflect fully all my spiritual experience because I discover that I have ability to express myself in writing, in a literary style which had never occupied as it is prose, with which I could achieve that they emerge from my internal aspects which had not stressed, were in the depths of my heart; obtaining this spiritual autobiography where my conclusion says: and now this; trying to collect all the moments of greater significance and who contributed in my training as educator holistic, with this global trial can say that they are many and feel fear of not translate them all because as a filming would review each and I find with all its wealth of which I am now owner and being knowledge nothing nobody can snatch it me because it is my legacy and is thus heredare all beings in universal love. The visit in Guadalajara to the Japanese garden commenting that I could inhale the aroma of peace, tranquility, visualize, and fill me with your design with that harmony which made me understand the chaos in search of internal order, because human hands can create to transmit love from nature; He brought my stillness spirit though feelings swept, since my full attention was reflected in the bushes of azaleas, filled with white flowers bringing memories of my childhood, where the atmosphere filled my mother taking care of these plants with much diligence. During the 12th Forum of holistic education world finds that other people in various parts of the world have experiences similar to the disciplines that presents holistic education as Jack Miller talking about love and education or Nel Noddings on happiness and education, theme with which I got involved simply getting reflections personal of which left my decision to be happy and find endure as well.

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