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support: an.albiores (Wittenberg and Leipzig) Karol Schwarz and his all-stars are not band you are a materialised trip. The music of their now eight albums is not samples, but unprepared, improvised sessions. And what emerges is no music, but sound become meditation. This bundle of sound, image and movement hovers somewhere in the gray zone between the bloody serious and sense spinning co and is consequently hard to put into words. “” Also if terms like psychedelic “or hallucinogen” are good signs.

In the introductory film Abrar WTF?”tries to describe the concept behind Abrar. The musicians themselves and people from their artistic environment pursue the question, what makes the music so peculiar that critics that despair, why and she still finds their followers. On April 16 the Leipziger yourself can see what comes out, if located north-Polish artists from a wide variety of projects (Prawatt, Szelest Spadaj? cych Papierkow, goods) Zast? pcze, Szybkie Babalola, etc.) “do together and the label noise Polo” PIN. The artist group PGR ART completes this task with its impressive visuals. The Group has existed since 2002 and captured the reality with video, performance and painting. In the years 2002-2007, she oversaw the artist colony in the Gdansk shipyard and is dedicated to arts education today. “Start: 21: 00 inlet: from 20: 00 admission: 5 / EUR 3 venue: art space D21, Demme Ringstrasse 21 04177 Leipzig a cooperation with the Polish Institute in Leipzig occupation: Szymon Albrzykowski (generators, bass), Borys Kossakowski (guitar, keys, bass), Karol Schwarz (guitar, bass, vocals), Jacek cents” Tomczak (guitar, vocals), Wojciech Dowgia?o (vocals) Info:, karolschwarzallstars, ansuz_af_albiores

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