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And what you have achieved and accomplished in life – a result which brought you unconscious. And it's the most incomprehensible way, sometimes some roundabout way and bypass roads, with a minimum of effort, taking into account all known factors leads you to the ends. For those purposes, which it has, and which you do not suspect (otherwise you'd be happy with what you striving for). That makes it the very best option available at this time to a situation where you were, and lead to certain consequences. And what do you think a failure is actually success. The success of your subconscious.

Not for nothing did I call it wise. True, his first so named Milton Erickson, and only he knew about him more than anyone else. I will return to the question of how to instruct the subconscious to the right path. Or, rather, make friends with him so that it reached and your conscious goals. But this question is a single long article or book.

In the meantime, back to the main topic of the article. No injuries – there is only feedback. Very good, positive approval. Because the lesions do not. How would it corny it sounds: no result – the result, too. You can never take into account all factors influencing the outcome of your actions. That is why defeat is nothing like your new experience. Or, to put it eNeLPerski, feedback. Feedback – this is the mechanism of homing, which tells you about the result of your actions to further their adjustment. Such mechanism is used, by the way, all sorts of self-guided rockets, robots and other hi-tech toys. At the organism level, this mechanism works well for everyone. Otherwise you would not even a spoon would not be able bring to his mouth. Not to mention the barrel of a gun:) But on a personal level … As far as a man may have been reasonable, but some can be safely attributed to the species Homo Antisapiens. Because they are completely cut off this mechanism, while continuing to hammer away at head against the wall when there is next door. They forget about one of the most important rules for success: If you want to get something that has never received, you need to do something never done before. Without understanding of this elementary principle, many stupidly continue as programmed in a few specific functions of robots that perform the same steps until enough strength until you get bored or to perform them. How not to do you already know. This is the very defeat or failure. What you need: the scientific method at random, by a careful data from 10 unknown or simply discussing issues with competent people, you decide. At this point I am not an adviser.

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