Reconnecting To The Source

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Our youth, so therefore has a much bigger push and more desire than us. The assimilation of knowledge past does not mean they have mastered only mobile phones and computers more skillfully than us. These issues are much more substantial: they have an inherent desire to find out what they live. And when they can not answer this question, we get restless, distracted, and depressed, then the "diagnosed" as suffering from a disorder, and they prescribe addictive drugs. Today, a growing proportion of them is finding it increasingly difficult to find purpose in their existence. These young people are frustrated, and some take out their frustration on alcohol or drugs. But just try to avoid the pain of the emptiness within them.

The solution so far, instead of addressing the problem at its root, we suppress the symptoms, fighting the "messenger", calming our children with superficial means, instead of trying to read the message. We need a substantial change in our education system and the values it promotes. Our children want to know why we live and depend on us to provide the answer. The key concept that should guide us in this process is to "educate young people according to their way." Instead of trying to adapt to the child or adolescent to the model we have created or we grew, we should try to coordinate our teaching methods and curriculum to the changing needs of our children, to find the best way to make our children mature human beings, human in the fullest sense of the word. It is not the amount of knowledge that a child absorbs what we should care, but quality. It is imperative that when you leave the education system is able to answer the essential question about life that all young people ask.

For that to happen, we will gradually incorporate the content that explains human nature, the origin of our emotions and experiences, our role as individuals and as a society, and, above all, the purpose that leads to life achieve. Reconnecting the Source of Life Only by knowing the laws of nature we discover the full picture of reality. He who takes the force that works behind the actions, understands where you are going life and see the consequences of each act that decides to take or avoid. Our world seems to narrow and unattractive because the inside has grown within us, remains separated from the source of life. If we can reconnect and delete this separation, all the suffering will disappear. The increasing disorientation, alienation, and separation of youth are no coincidence. They are here to encourage positive change in reality. By joining our current reality with the solution offered, we will discover the inside that our children are looking so desperately trying to escape from reality. So, do not require any medication, and feel that their parents and teachers are providing the tools to face life successfully. Rav Dr. Michael Laitman is master in cyber-netic, Doctor of Philosophy and Kabbalah, a professor of ontology and epistemology. He is founder and president of Bnei Baruch and ARI Institute in Israel. More information yy

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