Religious Education

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In the same scene we will be able to witness the disgust of the same father and to know that its adolescent son also has active sexual life and is making what she wants with its body, therefore it is free. The ideal of freedom nailed for the rationalism and humanismo, teaches to children and young deliberately to contest the authorities and simply to discredit in Christian moral principles. The social order and many times until familiar are placed in check. It is common to find educators who classify youth as ' ' the age of rebeldia' ' , and to say that soon they will be mature and be ready to assume its role in the society. However, everything what it was taught in the school, all the freedom principles, and ' ' to live vida' ' they must be faced as a phase of youth and then when this ' ' fase' ' to pass, that is, when the young will not be rebellious, that is, when it to forget all the philosophy education that received the life all.

There yes it will be ready for ' ' to assume its papel' ' in the society. The great reached social and scientific advance until then, cannot be rejected, however, if it makes necessary the presence of Christian values in the pertaining to school resume, not as it disciplines since this is paper of religious education. But yes as education philosophy, therefore in contrast of practical educational the current one, the values Christian are taught for the children and wait that they grow with these principles and never abandons them, therefore thus will only have a society joust, igualitria, with quality of life and space for all. Final conclusion Religious Education and Christian Education, at the first moment, seem to be similar in almost all the aspects. However, after to define its foundations and intentions, is clearly the importance and differences between each one.

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