School Bullying

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The last events portraied in Royal? RIO DE JANEIRO always sends to the subject bullying, but after all, what he is bullying? The name comes of bully = valento and was given to represent the act of caused physical and/or emotional violence to somebody for pure badness. A repetitive act of cruelty and that hinders the desire of living, to be in society, to have friends of the victim. The life all, in the school, had episodes of bullying. All we know somebody that when child was gozao victim, maltreatment caused for classmates and school simply for being different: or more attractive, or less attractive, or more intelligent, or less intelligent, or for using eyeglasses, or the size of the body (lean, fat person, high, excessively low excessively, to have the ear most open, or greater, a more salient or different nose in something, to possess a dot, or a spot, for limping, etc). Same I was victim of bullying for being very magricela. They said that I beat myself to a wind I would fly, that when I was of front I seemed to be of side and when I was of side I disappeared.

They called me ' ' Etia' ' (because of the fine and long fingers? in aluso to film ET), of canudinho of cooling, of four eyes, therefore use eyeglasses permanently since the 7 years of age, at last, no girl wanted to be my friend, therefore they wanted to conquer boys and I not age nothing interesting, in works in group I never were the chosen one, the teacher who placing finished me in some group, that ignored my ideas. For this reason, I consider bullying a serious problem that must be corrected how much before. Each person reacts to this in different way. I faced a well bigger girl who I when I was in 8 series, and I was when I obtained to give one is enough in my suffering. Others prefer to suffer been silent, do not count for the parents because they have shame to be weak. They do not look the direction of the school because they have fear of the aggressors to reply with more force, and finish suffering for all pertaining to school age. This reflects in notes, autoestima, its when adult professional performance, in its possibility of success. It fits to each one of us, citizens, to say ' ' no' ' to bullying if refusing to support this type of attitude so coward, denouncing the aggressors, entering in defense of the victims before tragedies as of Royal come back to happen. The Laws would have to be rigid and to so punish with firmness the practitioners of acts cowards as this, and the young, that is ' ' criminosos' ' , ' ' valentes' ' , that they destroy the life of weakkest would have to feel the force of the Law to weigh in its life and to be booked as adult, after all, is because of bullying that as many people if become bitter, unhappy and starts to hate the society all and arrives if to become true psychopaths in revenge search. To denounce for who? For the direction of the school, Advice To tutor it, for the Policy, the parents of the pupil victim, therefore they rare count what they pass to its parents.

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