Malcolm Gladwell

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“The thesis represents Malcolm Gladwell, whose bestseller high fliers: why some people are successful and others not” has appeared on German. However, the thesis comes not of Gladwell himself, but rather a US neurologist Daniel Levitin of McGill University in Montreal. He raised the so-called 10,000-hour rule when he found out that anyone with a cause at least 10,000 hours must deal, before he possessed the necessary knowledge can include in his area to the top of the world at all. The good news is: you can do for your success everywhere and always, hear, see and learn. At the breakfast table, at work, on the bus, in the bed. Seen in this way, 10,000 hours are not much.

Stop just to muck around your time with dreams and hopes. Start easy. Enjoy every free lesson of life. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Richard Linklater on most websites. Only 8 h per day, and include no later than in three years to the top of the world”in the area of your choice. If this is not Vista 🙂 Mistake no. 4: confuse discipline with dogged determination knowledge, what all champions, and champions of success have in common? You are able to get yourself a Command to give and also to follow this command. Discipline is your ability to mentally to make a decision and actually implement it. Success is not the result of one-time rush action, by continuous discipline.

Before you are now depressed and roll your eyes, read on please! Believe me, you would really miss something! Namely, I do not write about those pointless, frustrating discipline was forced on many of us in our childhood by external authorities. Here is the talk of something else. Of something that can be fun and is pretty sexy. I write of self-made success discipline. The wrong time, suppose you have a clear, sexy target. They have awakened from your children’s dreams and are willing to invest 10,000 hours in your success.

Adult Education

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Hamburg Academy for distance learning celebrated anniversary Hamburg, February 12, 2009 – the Hamburg Academy for distance learning celebrated its 40th anniversary this year. The Institute for professional and private training engaged since its inception in 1969. A correspondence course was in the 1970s and 1980s still considered exotic”form of learning, distance learning today is a popular and contemporary form of postgraduate education. More and more people appreciate the individual learning framework offers a correspondence course and good compatibility of study with work and family. Also the ever-increasing number of the Hamburg Academy show. You may want to visit CEO Keith McLoughlin to increase your knowledge. With over 150 courses the Hamburg Academy now belongs to the largest distance teaching institutions in Germany. By graduating up to the media in business administration, from the practical elder care to the management course, the Institute offers a wide range of courses in the areas of school, business, career, languages, IT, technology and personality education. Each year decide around 10,000 people for a correspondence course at the Hamburg Academy.

To guide their remote students even better and more efficiently through its distance learning program, the Hamburg-based Academy smartLearn also has a unique concept, the competency tool, developed. Each participant can find out with whose help, where his personal learning strengths and weaknesses lie. Overall, continues (as of January 2009) are currently 18,000 people at the Hamburg Academy. Kindle Direct Publishing is full of insight into the issues. A remote school in the course of time the first nucleus of the Hamburg Academy was the 1969 founded Institute for the promotion and education of writer scientists”. Later, more institutes to, so the Linguaphone language courses, as well as the ABC came Paris art school. Under the direction of the remote School Pioneer Axel Andersson, the Institute grew together and were purchased in 1987 by the publishing group of the Velcro.

It was the Axel Andersson Academy”, the first correspondence school, with the Velcro engaged in adult education. Since 1997, it is under the name Hamburg Academy for distance learning”an extensive Offered course range. Since 1978, all courses offered by the newly founded national centre of distance learning will be”tested and officially approved. In January 2009, received the Hamburg Academy certification in the seal of approval for quality in the field of distance learning PAS 1037, and is nationally certified educational institutions according to AZWV. Celebrate 40 years distance learning 40 weeks on 1 March a large online winning sweepstakes at starts on the occasion of the Jubilee year. 40 weeks the Hamburg Academy is giving away a weekend with a weekly smart fortwo convertible. In addition, all participants have the chance to win a practical shoulder bag or a MP3 player SanDisk Sansa clip every week. Anyone can participate over 18 years.

Mason School

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Varenholzer junior high school students undergo internship and first professional experience at the boys and girls day as practical to prepare on the transition from school to work, granted the private secondary school Castle Varenholz their pupils and students from the 7th grade through diverse vocational orientation measures an insight in the different professions or occupations. Take in the grade 7 students at the girls’ and boys’ day part. Followed by a vocational orientation week in the technology and education centre of Paderborn in the 8th grade. “The conclusion of a three-week work placement form in class as well as a two-week social internship in class takes 10 you still the application training or the regular company visits, we our students may 9 at the end of their secondary school with a clear conscience and well prepared in the future released.”, so Milan Todorovic, Coordinator of career choice at the Varenholzer secondary school. In the last few weeks were for students “the secondary modern school in Castle Varenholz participation in the girls’ and boys’ day, as well as the three-week work placement on the program: girls’ and boys’ day the intention of the girls’ and boys’ days is to break the stereotype of gender-specific career choice and taste of boys and girls in gender-foreign professions” to leave. The Varenholzer students and Schuler of grade 7 so could a workday in a you spend so far rather unknown profession.

So Alicia for example in a motor vehicle repair facility or Jaqueline worked in a carpentry shop, Julian took demented and motor eingeschrankte residents in a nursing home or Paul interned in a kindergarten. The experience of far have collected pleasant and surprising erfahrungen school was all together. For the thirteen-year Paul was one of the collected impressions in particular, that the mentoring of young children can be laborious and sometimes nerve wracking.” Internship During its three-week operation internship, the pupils and students of grade 9 had the opportunity to get to know the different occupations. Among other things, she completed her internship in the hotel specialist professions, education, elderly care nurse, hairdresser, painter, Mason, seller or electrician. In the context of the supervision of trainees the class teacher gathered regularly personally among employers about the benefits of their proteges’. I got to hear positive reviews almost consistently from the employers.

Both students as also the plants were about such a possibility at the career choice pleased. “, summarizes teacher Mehmet Pulat his impressions. Some students were encouraged to learn the tested profession, while others exclude this after the experience for themselves later.


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Free information day for the public sector: concepts to the comfortable and legally compliant storage of Mainz, January 21, 2010 and authorities need to tackle a daily flood of information. With a qualified data and E-Mail management that meets all legal requirements, you can create system. This can be done, the REDNET Academy on the subject of Rechtskonforme participants how storage and archiving of data. The Systemhaus REDNET AG addresses the public sector with the workshop. In the Atrium, experts of the IT security industry such as ByteAction and FalconStor introduce Hotel Mainz on February 3rd from 10 am until 15 pm concepts and data management solutions. The event is free of charge for public sector clients. (Source: Gerald Weissmann, MD). Deleting business emails can have massive consequences. Because in case of doubt electronic messages can be an important evidence or indication of source for disputes in business processes.

For this reason, authorities are and Companies are legally obliged to archive their electronic mail. What this note, the REDNET AG the participants introduced their Academy”. Many authorities and administrations make punishable without noticing, for example, if e-mail messages contain personal information and are not covered. Are you often do not have the data protection provisions and their consequences aware. In the legislative jungle, it’s hard to keep track. Which messages are allowed, which must be archived even legally? Which emails should be stored audit-proof how many years? Including a data protection supervisor, which brings the participants on the legal framework for E-Mail Archiving up to date answers these and other questions. Often lacking public institutions on a qualified management for data storage solutions for professional data management.

It allows the efficient management, archiving, classification and storage of all information. How this “by virtualizing storage even more effective, the paper describes main thing, leaving what turns”. An additional speaker explains the specific use of the backup and storage data storage solutions. With targeted solutions and presentations, the REDNET Academy gives participants new impulses for a secure and efficient data management. We have called the REDNET Academy in life, to bring issues the public sector, affecting them directly and currently”, explains Barbara Weitzel, Board the REDNET AG. We offer the participants. as a fixed platform for networking, knowledge transfer and exchange of experience” Registration at. Brief description: REDNET AG the REDNET AG with its headquarters in Mainz is IT supplier for authorities, educational institutions and the middle class, was established in 2004. Meanwhile, the company is one of the 50 largest system houses in Germany. The customer base includes mainly public Contracting entities in the entire Federal territory with over 20 million Euro turnover in 2008 is REDNET today of one of the most successful IT distributors in the Rhine-Main region. As a competent partner for sales, logistics, installation and maintenance of IT, the company supports its customers by cooperating with well-known IT manufacturers to optimize their IT infrastructure. REDNET provides all services in the Internet via the own NETSHOP, a Web procurement portal for public sector clients. With the ever-growing Internet presence and a collaborative wiki for the targeted communication with customers, REDNET drives continuous growth in the future.

Sales Trainer And Found?

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The providers of these services, they will find that companies are willing to spend much money for these services. Learn more on the subject from film director. If you surf through the Internet for a new challenge, you looking may also encounter pages that offer the services of a sales trainer or a sales trainer or are looking for. The providers of these services, they will find that companies are willing to spend much money for these services. Since smooth as some might think I want to have even one person from the piece of cake. But be careful, not everyone is suited for this profession and before they get there going further or make out they should ask themselves one or the other. They have a sufficient background knowledge about what experience they have for the professional sales trainer and sales manager in sales or sales, her age is appropriate and the corresponding occurrence have to gain a foothold in this industry.

They all should bring these properties and be sure even of himself, then that could be the new challenge in her life. Then they should look around for a corresponding way of training, if possible with qualification. Of one thing we discourage you however, don’t they jump into the cold water and swim them go alone, that can quickly go to the rear. Take even the experiences that other people from this industry can offer you to help them get started. In such training, they get even more experience and above all they get shown how to share their experiences with others, so that they can achieve success for it. When they are ready they own a piece of cake.

Innovative: Accelerated Teaching And Learning By Ats!

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Interview by the 25.10.13: ats S. L., Wolfram Laube, CEO, the company ats learning systems offers, which are based on accelerating teaching and learning. Why use accelerating methods”? Applies whether in education or work, everywhere a flood of information on us rushes in, to deal with it. This is with conventional methods difficult to create. An absolute key qualification is to learn quickly and effectively in the 21st century. How much experience do you have in this area? We have over 20 years experience in the field of education and are now internationally. We are the pioneer and market leader, we have developed learning systems, tested and introduced to the market. We are always innovating and always have improved our offers.

What distinguishes your products? All ats learning concepts based on the findings of brain research, psychology and pedagogy. We put their theories into practice and offer unique learning concepts, with which learning interesting,. motivating and even fun! That sounds good… How do you do that? There are many elements that contribute to the enormous acceleration of learning, characterized our learning: there are many senses addressed (multi-sensory approach”), takes into account different learning styles, Association and visualization techniques are applied, the learning is playful gives you forget old-fashioned timpani, which is often boring and requires lots of seat leather. For which areas of the learning offer you products? Our bestseller”is the system computer write in 4 hours”.

We developed this product years ago because every other work with a computer is connected and you can afford any more basically, only with 2, 3 fingers on the keyboard around to hack… “Special didactic approaches, we have now even more improved this product, so that we now only 1 hour computer writing ‘ offer. It is the fastest learning concept that there are worldwide to learn computer writing! We have developed this novelty, because again and again customers ask us are approached to develop a concept for even shorter. Also this ats system is suitable for anyone who efficiently and professionally will use the PC keyboard with 10 fingers. In the field of foreign languages, we offer different programs for different age groups and levels. What groups of people are suitable for your learning systems? For everyone from 8 to 80 years old. How do you market your products? Our customers are schools and coaches who complete a type of license with ats, then offer the learning concepts to their participants. We have fine 5000 people in the German-speaking market certified, 40% of the VHS in Germany alone are working with our products and about 400 trainers offer computer writing according to the ats method.

Regular Information Sessions

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The German school of prevention and health management informs prospective students and potential training company to study and education fairs and own information events in Germany, Austria and the Switzerland information opportunities for prospective students and businesses. During the information sessions, which take place on the 11 study centres of the German University (Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Cologne, Leipzig, Munich, Osnabruck, Saarbrucken, Stuttgart, Vienna, Zurich), the participants will have the opportunity to get a first impression of the premises and point of contact of the German University at the respective study centre. Is also informed about the opportunities to study, the education system and curriculum. There offers the possibility of a personal advice at the trade fair stand at the fairs. The dates, see opportunities to study at the German University of the German College for prevention and health management, through nationwide study centres the perfect partner for those who want to qualify prevention, fitness and health with a degree for the market of the future is. The first Bachelor’s degree at the State-approved University connects a company training and a correspondence course Austria or of Switzerland compact periods of personal attendance at study centres in Germany (nationwide). The financing of undergraduate degree is carried out normally through the respective training company. In the study, fitness training, fitness economics, nutrition counseling and health management close the bachelor students after three years with the internationally recognized academic degree of Bachelor of Arts”from. The two-year, postgraduate course master in health management”qualified to the versatile prevention experts and combines distance learning and compact attendance phases.

Managing Director

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First year of the Academy Neuss dismissed the College Neuss for international economics has reason to celebrate: on Saturday, November 30, 2013, she fired their first dual Bachelorjahrgang. Six graduates received their certificates and retroactively looked back on a successful study. Three and a half years ago, the first vintage began his dual studies at the Neuss Academy for international economics and has now successfully completed it. For the College of Neuss, the dismissal of six graduates is a premiere. Traditionally dressed in the robe, the first graduates of the industry and trade management and logistics and supply chain management received their completion certificates to great applause and celebrated their degree together with their families, faculty, and staff of the College. Prof. Dr.

Otto Jockel, President of the College, particularly highlighted this fact in his speech: all on a time looking back, that all was not always easy for us, but always instructive not only for you as students, but for us as a University. “You are now faced with the task to ensure the responsibility of the future of your jobs and a social responsibility as well”. Wolfgang Seifert, Managing Director of integral logistics GmbH, praised the constructive cooperation with the College of Neuss, and dismissed the graduates with the best wishes in a successful professional life. Jens Schneider, who graduated from dual vintage’s best was particularly appreciated in the context of the graduation ceremony. After the first kick-off the next official release will continue next year 2014 are approximately 40 students complete their studies. “” About the College Neuss for international economy the College is Neuss in the three departments of school of logistics,”School of Commerce” and school of engineering “divided and offers internationally oriented courses international industry and trade management, logistics, information systems and engineering management, each with the degree of Bachelor’s degree of Complete science. All courses are offered in dual, industry and trade management and logistics can be studied in addition part-time in eight semesters.

German University

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I could imagine, for example, to do something in the area of food supplements for professional and recreational athletes later. I could bring important knowledge for me in this study module.” As categorizes Martin plasters that a special form of study? A correspondence course obviously requires a certain amount of self discipline”, Martin plaster. Who wants to take his own career but in the hand, is one such study definitely on the right track. Especially professional athletes plasters according to Martin especially profit from the combination of distance learning and compact attendance phases, because such a study as I said much better with the strict training and race planning of professional athletes is compatible as a classic University studies with daily attendance obligation”. What’s next? The next Winter Olympics is only once. As it applies to retrieve sporting excellence. Then I shield my bachelor’s degree. Then I could well imagine, later to take a master’s degree in attack.” Sporting successes of Martin plaster 2005 European champion in the two-woman bobsleigh 2005 European Vice Champion in the four-man 2005 Gold in the four-man event at the World Championships 2006 Gold in the four-man event at the Olympic Games 2007 Bronze medal in the four-man event at the World Championships 2008 Gold in the four-man event at the World Championships 2009 and 2012 silver in the four-man event at the World Championships 2009 European champion in the two-woman bobsleigh 2009 European champion in the four-man 2010 Silver in the four-man event at the Olympic Games 2012 Silver in the four-man event at the World Championships in Lake Placid, New York) 2013 Silver in the four-man event at the World Cup in Lake Placid, New York 2013 Gold in the four-man event at the World Championships in St.

Moritz Overview courses studied at the German University of prevention and health management (DHfPG) qualify students to specialists and executives for the growth market of prevention, fitness, sports and health. The Bachelor degree programmes in the fields of sports economics, fitness training, fitness economics, health management and nutrition counseling the College combine a training with a correspondence course and periods of personal attendance at study centres in Germany (nationwide) Austria or of Switzerland, and connect with the degree of Bachelor of Arts”from. In addition a master’s degree in the field of study offered to prevention and health management, which combine a correspondence course with attendance phases. In addition, there are College continuing education, involving experts in selected theme blocks knowledge at university level can purchase. Professionally highly qualified people”can be admitted to the Bachelor’s degree without high school diploma/qualification. Personal requirements are met, a promotion through BAfoG is possible. Meanwhile, over 3,800 aspiring specialists and executives for the industry of the future (as of January 2013) study at the University. The registration for the Bachelor’s degree can be done at any time, a registration for the master’s in for summer – / winter semester. All Bachelor’s and master’s degree programs of the College are accredited and recognized in over 40 European countries.

German Sport University Cologne

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Optimal preparation in swimming, gymnastics and track and field is absolutely necessary. The German sports University in Cologne is the only University in Germany, is offered exclusively a sport study. It therefore attracts sport students from around the world, which would later become professionally involved in the field of sport. The career aspirations go to the sports Manager of a sports club from the instructor about coach. Sports studies at the Spoho can start but only who has passed the Sports fitness test and can present the appropriate school grade. The media have reported in detail about this sport aptitude test on the DSHS in the past few years. The fitness test was described as “The hardest exam of the world”.

What is true of this superlative and what is just a typical media exaggeration? Fact is that in every appointment only less than half of the participants the sport aptitude test. However, the question is whether the test is so difficult, or the candidates are so bad. That is the record of the years 2009 to 2012 (Flunked in %): sports aptitude test DSHS KoLN 2009 2012 date participants failed Feb 09 1,480 53% Jun 09 1,820 65% Feb 10 1,476 64% may 10 1,658 56% Feb 11 1.361 57% Jun 11 1,761 53% Feb 12 1,328 58% may 12 1,465 51% (without header) (source: German sport University, % values up and rounded off) the Faculty of sports College which is also auditor in the sports suitability test, often claim that the SPOHO Sports Fitness check the level of the German sports badge. That’s not entirely true, because there no one has to cope with so many disciplines in one day like in the DSHS review. So, what are the performance requirements of this qualification tests of the German sport University in Cologne? Athletics discipline number of attempts required performance minimum women requested performance minimum men 100 m Sprint 1 15.5 13.4 sec high jump 1.40 m 3 1.20 m shot put 3 6.75 m with 4 kg 7.60 m with 7.25 kg 2000 m race 1 10.00 min 3000 m race 1 13.00 min here are training videos to the LA disciplines: