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The individual financial check at tagesgeld.de the new individual financial check on tagesgeld.de going to private investors in choosing the right investment with the hand. Through a detailed questionnaire, including personal Investor investment priorities are systematically and quickly, determined his knowledge in financial matters, his return on ideas and its risk tolerance. Then, the opportunity is open, to arrange also a personal consultation. In addition, there is a personal consulting voucher for the investment advice. Who still undecided is what plant combination the own risks, objectives and meets best wishes, can be now on its individual financial check once and then based on your evaluation of his responses specifically from the diverse range of information on tagesgeld.de and in the conversation with our consultants develop answers to the questions left open is. And there are enough questions. How should I prepare? How to apply? Which life insurance is right for me? Why do I need a day money account? I have a pension gap? Each private investors in the course of his life has to do with such financial issues.

Many Germans feel overwhelmed with these problems and will be charged as a result. This remedy is not easy to create: advising the banks that show again, investigations is often not as detailed and neutral, as you wished for this, and can the questions and concerns of customers do not always meet. The individual financial check on tagesgeld.de can help here. tagesgeld.de is a financial portal around the investment with a focus on federal funds. Financial interested visitors and visitor to the Web site tagesgeld.de for there understandably prepared information and practice tips to day money, checking and deposit accounts, as well as to the focused areas of women and finance”.

At the same time, tagesgeld.de offers the possibility, via a link directly and quickly with featured vendors to contact. Contact: tagesgeld.de e. k. Agency for financial communications Borsigstrasse 32 D-65205 Wiesbaden phone: 06122-598215 fax: 06172-499617 E-Mail: Web:

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