Tarot Cards And Health

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a The High Priestess The High Priestess represents the ability to let things happen. It represents the perfect woman and is the essence of all womanhood, albeit not of the feminine in the romantic sense. Click film director for additional related pages. It is a passive principle, is the ability to be led, and wait. It symbolizes the feminine thought, instinctive certainty that only when it recognizes something sientea a . The High Priestess protects the deep mystery surrounding the life and death. This letter is the threat of anxiety, that leads to action to the subject at the wrong time. (Similarly see: Gerald Weissmann, MD). It is a letter that bears the signs of rigor and severity, governs with justice on the common morality. Right: In interpreting this letter we will consider two different aspects, first speaks of a balanced, with straight, with practical sense, serene, prone to intuitive perception, perceptive, educated, objective, is a gifted education for many their knowledge and word is easy.

On the other hand, in a more social aspect communication with others, it may appear selfish, somewhat withdrawn, loving platonic relationships, avoid great passions, but generally the letter shows the condition of passivity required for the development of our spiritual abilities, instills confidence, provide security, but to achieve More knowledge is needed perseverance, struggle with self Keywords: patience, silence, discretion, reserves, meditation, modesty, resignation and piety. Considered decision. Reverse: The appearance of this letter in our box Inverted exhibition speaks of ignorance or laziness to the effort required to knowledge, ideas and opinions superficial for not wanting to reach the merits, mediocrity in short, it also indicates presumption, the presumption of the mediocre, the selfish, which believes that only his is good. Keywords: Stealth, hidden agendas, spite, laziness, intolerance, fanaticism. Becomes heavy and passive, is a burden. Delay, voltage and awkwardness in relationships. Decision then immediately.

Interpretations: In particular: Future undisclosed hidden influences at work. It is favorable to women and children. In Focus: Learning to be applied in future, potential promotion. Cash: Moment of stagnation possible legal impediments, promises a good omen. On friendship: Good relations with the various activities is shared and where sensuality shines and dazzles with vanity. Family: Meetings and family councils in which you can see you lucky / o. Health: Caring for the skull and face. In love, feelings are little passionate but fair. Love is more mental than physical. More information sobrea Source Article:

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