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Accommodation costs in Bratislava is 190 euros per month (a place in a hostel), travel ticket for all modes of transport costs 20 euros a month, meals in our dining room costs around 3 euros for lunch. In total, 400 euros is quite enough for the average student life. – As you know, coming to study in Slovakia students get a student residence. To deepen your understanding FASEB Journal is the source. Whether they can still operate, what restrictions are there? Student visa, of course, does not imply a permanent job, but students can earn money and have at it entitled. Importantly, it does not forget that the main occupation of the student – it's studying, and full-time was not take – it would be a violation of visa regime.

Work part time, usually by Brigadier (not the highest qualification). Checking article sources yields film director as a relevant resource throughout. – Are there any prospects for obtaining permanent residence in Slovakia after receiving higher education in this country? Of course! Initial residence permits valid for one year, then two years later for two more years. For obtaining permanent residence in Slovakia to be worked through 5 years, stays on a student visa is counted in 50% of the bulk, ie students can obtain permanent residency after 7.5 years of living in Slovakia. CoML almost equates to a foreigner Slovak citizen and gives him all rights except the right to elect and be elected to government agencies. Graduates at graduation and finding an employer and if the working contract and necessary certificates (certificate of professional records, medical certificate) get residence permit in Slovakia, with the right to work.

The whole process is quite fast and takes about three months. – Do you offer your high school internships in enterprises during training? Yes, the students of specialties related to the right internship can take place, such as law firms, and for students, students majoring in mass media, there is a unique opportunity traineeship at the bbc in London. – What is the attitude towards foreigners Slovaks? In our country, foreigners are taking very warm. There is no political raid in communication, in all public and private institutions. Generally, Slovakia – fairly safe country, there is no mass drunkenness and drug use among young people. Parents are not afraid to let children's discos. But if you have parked your car on the lawn, you necessarily discharged fine.

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