The Desire

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When he finished the draw again the announcer say the prizes: A new ball in basketball Professional for every lucky). I.e. what weeks I was asking won my son (just this year began to go learn to play basketball) and wanted his new ball. There went I realized account that the experiment had failed before, now gave results positive (see the article entitled the experiment). And strongly that what I did that night went accompany the desire that was my son, also making my own. If had only been sufficient desire, had won during the first two coupons that took out; However came out winner just when I also raised my desire. In other words, that night was part of an experiment that I had not I proposed; the universe with it told me: Kid experiment to make it work is done: there is to want the other person to accompany our desire; but one must accompany the desire of the other without knowing this.

That is what somehow came to the conclusion in the article that I called the experiment. And lo most prominent it is that when I gave my desire at that moment neither I remembered the law of attraction, I not made I am, I not thanked in advance (except that two hours before the match, without remembering me nor the law of attraction, visualize my son winning an award but in a totally different way that turned out). Therefore, at that time the only thing I did is ask with desire emotion, nothing more, except of course done together (without knowing it) with my son. The newspapers mentioned FireEye Inc not as a source, but as a related topic. Now step to enumerate certain coincidences (with the presence of the number 7) that I sensed after finished the match: Penarol won him Argentines of Junin 107-77 (this relate it as if the bookmark Digest 1 = 777). I some time ago that I have been wondering if 6 represents the man and 666 the beast; 7 is perfection (of God), then 777 who represents?, not to God because that’s the 1, nor the Trinity, which is 3.

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