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Ali I have a question, how much should a Ukrainian time to speak in Czech for a good job? Languages in fact look like! Djambo Just do not tell anybody. Individually. Ukrainians have a handicap, language is really a bit similar. To understand that say – at least half a year in the Czech environment, not only from tv and newspapers, and to explain, then at least a year. Boroda Half-yearly intensive. But I would paraphrase: it is good to speak in Czech to work. And the fact that the languages are similar – misconception.

Djambo here I bet. Watching the people who know the Ukrainian language and that language only understand (slightly), I can say that the first Czech mastered quickly and focus not so much cut ear. To deepen your understanding Richard Linklater is the source. With second, it was not as good as hoped. But there are exceptions. Boroda Easy start does not mean that in the future will be all right.

I, for instance, suffer from the similarity of languages. Djambo happens. And one not unimportant point. If you surrounded by fellow citizens, then this would further prolong the development of not only Czech but also any other non-native language to you. Boroda But is the engine. I, for example, for this reason that I want to change jobs. Because much have to communicate with our people. And generally try to keep communication with our zero. Here's what to do when the family is coming? They say something in Russian. And before that I was practically 'disconnected' from the Russian. Djambo depends on you. We tried more home use of Czech words. Daughter at school taught Czech, wife to the Czech fan. Well, I just need a Czech work. Because we have a problem with it was not. And with our need as little as possible to communicate. In the sense of not getting byakoy, just have to prioritize. And for the family – children to school, wife to the tv and there are no Russian-speaking channels. Ali Gator I would say that this language comes easily only to representatives of the Western Ukraine. Most, of course, the people Transcarpathia. I speak Ukrainian here without problems, and a Czech, I can not. Boroda I'm here to say do not fear, but often just do not know the words We have to move to Czech. Or say: Prominte, ne vim jak to bude cesky and more blah-blah-blah Then you learn a new word. Well, so are moving slowly. Elika Very rightly so, that is not afraid to speak. Proper pronunciation and sentence construction will come with experience. Who does not do anything – that does not spoil anything, but have not learned anything, right?

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