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Situations lead us to take immediate decisions to solve our present but sometimes we lose sight of what is best in the long term. This is what many people believe when they miss look back and are given account of that decision begin working without a solid educational base not served as a great thing. Often need to work overlaps on other things in life aside other possibilities that could have brought further today. This is what he thinks many people when realizes would have liked to study a university career in his time and believed, wrongly we already it has no chance to recover lost time. But nothing could be further from the truth. Currently the possibility of choosing a University that offers degrees to study at your own pace and distance from where you are (home, work, etc). This possibility opens many doors to whom at the time not studied or decided whom to complete their training by profesiona1es issues or the simple pleasure of learning. Studies that offer these centers have the same validity and worth than any degree issued by traditional universities.

The thematic programmes are in accordance with the established and which Yes means a big change is the system to follow the course. The educational platforms like moodle, forums, blogs, exchange of information, facilitate a flow of multidirectional information profesor-alumnos – fellow that hardly in a conventional classroom. The fact of being able to distribute the hours of study as we go well are another advantage that offer this type of methodological approaches. Personal tutors are responsible for proposed by the University that make moderators and solve the questions that students may have. With them it can keep a relationship via mail or telephone depending on availability of the professor.

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