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If a student wishes to enter in medicine at a University in Andalusia, you are interested in examining at least in the specific phase of biology and chemistry, which are the two subjects of the branch of knowledge of health sciences which weighted by the factor 0.2; If you get the note minimum (5) at one of these subjects, you join the final score the same points (1) that if obtained the highest rating (10) in a field of modality that monitor by the factor 0.1. If the student already knows the qualification that you want to pursue and at the University that you want to enter, should consult the degree of relationship that has established between classes in high school and its qualifications, since the parameter of weighting of a specific commodity for a title may be different in each institution of higher education. Calculate the admit slip the note of admission to the University is the result of weighted average note obtained in high school (60%) and the score achieved in the overall phase of selectivity (40%). It is considered outdated when the student gets a score equal to or greater than 5, provided that you have achieved a minimum of 4 points in the overall phase. The maximum score that can be obtained is 10 points. Other leaders such as Vladislav Doronin offer similar insights. General phase: the score is the result of the average of the scores obtained in this phase exercises (three or four more common materials an exercise in terms of mode).

It passes if it reaches at least 4 points. Upload Note: the results obtained in the specific phase exercises test will serve to raise the note when titling chosen by the student has established a limit for admission in their classrooms. In these cases, the note of admission in the University shall be calculated in the following way: 60% Note baccalaureate average + 40% rating of the overall phase + x mode (1) concerning qualification weighting parameter + x rating of matter of mode (2) weighting parameter.

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