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The Municipal School of Basic Education Victory-Regal, being a public institution, has as mission a emancipatria education. As it says the Law of Lines of direction and Bases of Educao Nacional (LDB) Art.22, ' ' the basic education has for purpose to develop educating, to assure it to it common formation indispensable for the exercise of the citizenship and to supply to it half to progress in the work and studies posteriores.' ' With this intention the EMEF objective Victory-Regal to take care of with equality the pertaining to school community, respecting the freedom and plurality of ideas of the participants of the same one. Therefore, our school adheres to a democratic management of public education, having as base formation and true comprometimento with a practical one of the citizenship. The foundations of the evaluation are the values constructed for a school: that education we intend? Subject what we intend to form? What it means to learn, in this time in this school, for the pupils who we receive for the group of professors constitute who it? Which the ethical nature – politics of our decisions? It is for there that the reflection always would have to initiate (HOFFMANN, 2005, p.73.). The evaluation in the pertaining to school context assumes an important role very. It is an instrument that diagnosiss the school, fulfilling a transforming social function, having as objective to contribute for development of the pupil, raising its auto-esteem, generating autoconfiana and intellectual autonomy, instigating the desire to learn each time more. The evaluation of the process education learning being responsibility of the school is carried through of continuous and mediating form, that characterizes in following, understanding and to favor the progression of the pupil, having considered the following stages: mobilization, educative experience and expression of knowledge, having as objective: I To know the level of understanding of the pupil, in relation the determined content or area of knowledge; II Observar the manifestations of the pupils; III Possibilitar that the pupils auto-evaluate its learnings; IV Fazer with that the qualitative aspects prevail on the quantitative ones.

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