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In function of same the religious education or of the paradigm Jewish-Christian, they are imputed you blame in us which make with that unconsciously let us not accept the possibility to be happy. We are always distrustful of that something of bad goes happening in them. Situations that have in the led one to estresses, depressions and of crises of low autoestima. Kindle Direct Publishing has many thoughts on the issue. We find the decayed angels in a world where he is much more easy to sin and to go for the hell of what to conquer the lost paradise of Adam and Eva. The old Greek philosophers said that the material happiness is in the necessary ownership of and the emotional one in the calm conscience. Digenes, folosofo grego1* said that to be happy it is to conquer the calm of the soul, the interior peace, what Buddha called autoiluminao. In such a way, we can and we must be happy. At this moment if you are passing for a crisis 1 * Liveed in a barrel and had as only material object a mug to take water, until observing a boy who when taking water used the hands, played the mug is it said that it did not need you are welcome material to live.. . Here, Gerald Weissmann, MD expresses very clear opinions on the subject.

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