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Cardinal Newman, will I not everyone know it was, was an Anglican who converted to Catholicism. In a toast held in tribute to him, said: will come a time, in which the only one that defends the truth be the Catholic Church since that time already have here. If not defends the truth, if we continually accept what the current culture, if the truth that gives the same us is imposing as the culture of relativism, the lie, if what you think is what you think, and what I think is what I think. Where are we going?, only to an alternative, which dominates one that has greater power. Because if there is not an objective criterion which is that I will put the power, and I, you and I. Which dominates greater power and violence exerts on us.

The culture of relativism, is the hotbed of atrocious dictatorship. On the execution of Stephen.-the story is in the acts of the Apostles, and scholars argue a double possibility. Some authors say that what happened there was popular, and apparently a lynching in the story, could be how to identify some signs that seem as if they had happened as a popular lynching, obviously the Roman power could do nothing. The people took justice into his hands. In fact in the story says that, they shouted, were launched against Esteban, took it to shoving, it seems like they were lynching data. However Joaquin Jeremias, has been studied in more detail. A great connoisseur of all customs Jewish, I agree with this interpretation, says that no.

This story shows clearly, that there was a trial in the Sanhedrin, legal, and law enforcement. Where does he see? Therefore at the tip end of the story, because it says that Saul, bore witness dresses, which have stone this Jew. Jewish law orders provided that the accusation of the crime, come and witnessed by two witnesses, if witnesses are right, you have to execute the defendant, are these two witnesses. Therefore, if them two, not kill him then and others involved, it is not that they put the person in the wall and begin to throw stones. What was done was actually, a hole of more than one meter in height, and the inmate is put your hands back, and witness pushed him today, and if he was lucky the reo, and falling desnucaba, because already I just had the execution, if it is not desnucaba, I had to put is always looking to the sky, and execution was to take a big stone, and throw it against the chest, so began the des witnesses, if he was lucky the inmate was dying, and just the thing, but others came and remained. And there is a representative of the Court, it is Saul, to certify that the execution is made legally. How is possible then if they did not have the legal authority to Rome? It is the only case in which gives the impression that favours an interpretation other than that have made many scholars. Continuous. Original author and source of the article

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